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Wines from Gran Canaria

19 Dec 2017

Is it possible that a bottle of wine contains the full essence of the place where it comes from? It definitely is, and that is exactly what happens with the quality of the wines from Gran Canaria.

Each year, the wines from Gran Canaria are reaching higher quality, and with it, greater recognition as well.

The soil, its volcanic essence, the hours of sun, and the way the grapes are looked after, are the characteristics that make Gran Canaria having high quality wines.

Our wine’s history dates back over one hundred years. The thorough hand work that the people who have spent a lifetime dedicating themselves to nurture the grapes, the land, and the quality of the wines from Gran Canaria are the result of this long lasting tradition.

Due to the magnificent weather of the island, harvest times are different from those in the rest of Spain. One of the main reasons why we have quality wines in Gran Canaria is the climate. The trade winds help to obtain unique wines that are very different from what the palate is used to.

The different quality wines from Gran Canaria are produced throughout the entire geography of the island. There are more than seventy wineries that form the Designation of Origin. There is great variety, not only of wines but also of landscapes in which the grapes are grown. Tejeda, has the highest vineyards in Spain.

The recognition is increasing every year, since the wines from Gran Canaria go through a very careful quality control. The regulatory council, together with professional winemakers, are in charge of supporting and promoting this great winery work, which make the wines from the island of Gran Canaria having its own unique and authentic flavour.

The quality secret of the wines from Gran Canaria is none other than the climate, the air, the land where the vineyards grow and the hands that looked after them. Adding up all these characteristics, make it possible to produce a great quality wine that has been gaining greater recognition over the years.

Types of grapes from Gran Canaria wines

As we have mentioned, thanks to the conditions of the climate and the land, in Gran Canaria there are quality wines that come from different types of grapes: Negramoll, Malvasia Rosada, Tintilla, white volcanic Malvasia, Marmajuelo or Bermajuela, Vijariego Blanco, Albillo.

In Gran Canaria, the wines of highest quality and variety come from the following type of grapes:

  • Listán Negro: it is the most widespread grape in the Canary Islands. It is a resilient grape to the adversities of nature.

  • Gual: it is one of the most characteristic grapes of the island of Gran Canaria; they are medium size and oval shaped grapes.

  • Moscatel de Alejandría: the largest crops of this variety are found in Gran Canaria, in the area of ​​Monte Lentiscal. Its production is high, much bigger than the Listán Negro variety. It does not require detailed work and vine bud bursts so frequently that it is necessary harvest several times throughout the year.

If you come to spend your holidays with us at Dunas Hotels & Resorts, we suggest you to try some of the wines from Gran Canaria.