Dunas Hotels & Resorts is launching its new website

Dunas Hotels & Resorts is launching its new website

We are launching a new website: more attractive, intuitive and faster. Book your stay from any device, under best-price guarantee.


At Dunas Hotels & Resorts 2017 is starting full of enthusiasm and motivation, since we are going to renew and improve at all levels. Let’s begin by introducing our new ...

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2017 Gran Canaria’ Carnival

2017 Gran Canaria’ Carnival

Carnival! Carnival! Carnival, I love you! This is the people of the island’s motto around this very popular time of year. February arrives and with it, the Carnival.


The Carnival is one of the biggest tourist attractions that Las Palmas de Gran Canaria enjoys during the winter season. Many ...

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Refurbishing Dunas Don Gregory

Refurbishing Dunas Don Gregory

Hotel Dunas Don Gregory, part of Dunas Hotels & Resorts since 1998, is one of the most emblematic hotels in the south of Gran Canaria. Since it became part of our group, the hotel has undergone several improvements and renovations, but thinking of our guests and adapting to changes in the ...

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Gran Canaria, an island with its own historic identity

Gran Canaria, an island with its own historic identity

There are many legends about the creation of the Canary Islands, but its history is undeniable.
The true story of Canary Islands mingles with the amount of myths of ancient literature. Some legends even say that it was a magical place and its people came from a lost and unknown ...

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Gran Canaria, a perfect setting for movie shooting.

Gran Canaria, a perfect setting for movie shooting.

Did you know that Gran Canaria has become a perfect stage for the international movie industry?
Lately, the Canary Islands and its landscapes are part of not only national but also international major film productions.
Guests who come to Dunas Hotels & Resorts are impressed by all the things they find ...

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