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The Climate in Gran Canaria | Dunas Hotels & Resorts

The Climate in Gran Canaria | Dunas Hotels & Resorts

Gran Canaria is often described as the Miniature Continent. Our perfect location and the climate of Gran Canaria together with the mild temperatures we enjoy throughout the year, are some of the great reasons why tourists choose this island as their holiday’ destination.

The temperatures are Spring like throughout the ...

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The beaches of Gran Canaria

The beaches of Gran Canaria

It is well-known that Gran Canaria has many beaches. There are beaches for all tastes, and above all, most of them can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Thanks to the mild climate and great temperature of the island of Gran Canaria we are the first destination for those who’d ...

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Plans for children in Gran Canaria

Plans for children in Gran Canaria

If you are organizing your holidays with your family and children, you should know that Gran Canaria is a place where you will find great leisure offer. And you are going to enjoy it too!

Sometimes family tourism may be tricky; plans that may seem perfect for some, are not ...

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Tanja Brandt, Head of Marketing at Dunas Hotels

Tanja Brandt, Head of Marketing at Dunas Hotels

"In Gran Canaria it is very easy to feel at ease and extremely welcome.", Tanja Brandt.

Tanja Brandt was born in Berlin (Germany), but has been living in Gran Canaria for 17 years. She is the Marketing Manager of Dunas Hotels & Resorts and we were looking forward to having a ...

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More than a decade choosing Dunas Suites & Villas

More than a decade choosing Dunas Suites & Villas

María Carmen González Martinez is one of our most loyal guests. Since she first visited the island of Gran Canaria about 12 years ago and stayed at Dunas Suites & Villas, she has remained faithful to her appointment with us.

What is it that you like the most about ...

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