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Gluten-free hotels in Gran Canaria

At Dunas Hotels & Resorts we are committed to the health of each of our clients. We are aware of the importance of food and we try to provide a meal service that guarantees all the peace of mind you need and expect from your vacation accommodation. Our gluten-free hotels guarantee you recipes suitable for coeliacs and for any dietary need. 

Your health is our prescription

Our guarantee is in the possibility of communicating to any of our managers in any of our food services that you want your gluten free menu. Let us know and we will take care of preparing your dishes with the best ingredients, gluten-free so that our recipes are reflected in the health with which you live your days in Gran Canaria. All the information you need about our dishes will be at your fingertips.

Gluten free holidays

Travel and rest assured that you are in a gluten free hotel so that you can fully enjoy the best of international cuisine that we offer to all the clients of our hotels. Your visit to Gran Canaria will be an experience for all the senses. You will be in the best possible scenario, with the best dishes and the best service for your holidays.

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