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StartNewsThe Climate in Gran Canaria

The Climate in Gran Canaria

23 May 2017

Gran Canaria is often described as the Miniature Continent. Our perfect location and the climate of Gran Canaria together with the mild temperatures we enjoy throughout the year, are some of the great reasons why tourists choose this island as their holiday’ destination.

The temperatures are Spring like throughout the year, experiencing little difference between winter and summer weather. It is one of the sunniest places on the planet. Do you really need any more reasons to visit us?

Eternal spring guarantees the climate of Gran Canaria

Our climate is subtropical, which means that, among other benefits, there are no sudden temperature’ changes. You’ll find eternal spring in Gran Canaria.

The climate is arid, that is to say that it doesn’t rain much, and the average temperature is around 22ºC. This is one of the reasons why people from the Canary Islands find it so difficult to live somewhere else; exactly the same reason why foreigners find it so hard to leave when their holidays are over. In fact, after spending some days at Dunas Hotels & Resorts many of them decide that Gran Canaria will be their second wintertime home. 

The trade winds and the mountain ranges of Gran Canaria make it a place of no rain in summertime and very scarce the rest of the year. Its Miniature Continent’ nickname it’s due to the fact that temperatures may vary greatly from one side of the island to the other in just one single day; it may be snowing on the summit of the island while on the coast the sunshine fills the air.

Chose any time of year to come and enjoy some days at Dunas Hotels & Resorts, the weather will be always superb.

The sun: the leading role in the climate of Gran Canaria

The sun has the leading role in the climate of Gran Canaria, every day its rays are somewhere around the island and this imprints character not only in the climate, and the temperature, but also in the personality of those who live here. Day in and day out you can see joyful people around and so the quality of life is greater because of the sun.

Our geographical location increases the duration of day so much that in summertime at 8:30 p.m. you’ll still be under the sun. There are not that many more countries or places in which you can enjoy so much daylight, so Gran Canaria is a true gift from Mother Nature and this brings daily happiness into our lives.

When you start packing your luggage to come to Dunas Hotels & Resorts in Gran Canaria remember to bring a good clothing assortment: light clothes and swimming suit to go to the beach, as well as some warm mid-season clothing. The temperature varies greatly throughout the day and the area in which you are. There are places for all tastes and craves: if you’d like some cooler weather, you can have it, and you’ll also be able to enjoy the sunshine and the beach, too! Come to Dunas Hotels & Resorts and join our joy and the weather of Gran Canaria.