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StartNewsTrail Running in Gran Canaria: Events & Routes

Trail Running in Gran Canaria: Events & Routes

13 Mar 2020

In recent years, trail running in Gran Canaria has revealed as one of the most requested running events in the Canary Islands. In fact, this island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is home to many sporting events.

Did you know that Gran Canaria celebrates every year surfing, windsurfing or bodyboarding events? Indeed, the amazing climate that the island ‘suffers’ allows many open air events throughout the year.

The ‘miniature continent’, as Gran Canaria is also known, has more than 300 days of sunshine a year with an average temperature of 21ºC. Enjoying the almighty Sun in the middle of winter is something that most people can’t do...

In addition, many trail running fans and athletes have found a kind of ‘sanctuary’ in Gran Canaria thanks to its rough orography. The island has plenty of mountains and ravines with huge height differences, making almost all the trail running races very hard to accomplish.

In fact, these events attract lots of international athletes that choose Gran Canaria as the ideal trail running spot, not only to train but also to take part in some of the most important trail running events in the world.

Obviously, all these athletes need a good place to rest during their days on the island. That’s why Suite & Villas by Dunas is the perfect choice for all those that want to enjoy trail running in Gran Canaria to the fullest.

Located next to the Maspalomas Dunes, this incredible 4-star hotel is the ideal place to rest before and after a trail running race due to its beautiful garden areas and amazing swimming pool areas.

If, apart from being a running lover you’re also interested in cycling, then you’re in luck. This hotel also has a FreeMotion cycling centre with many services like a bike renting, a repair shop or an bicycle storage, among others.

gran canaria trail running

Gran Canaria running races

Gran Canaria is home to all kinds of races, events and championships related to running spread throughout the island such as: 

  • Marathons

  • Triathlons

  • Trail running races

  • Circular running races

  • Obstacle races

  • Urban races

Also, as the paths are perfectly stipulated you can train through them whenever you want. For additional information on this topic, be sure to check the Cabildo de Gran Canaria official website.

Trail running in Gran Canaria: best events

A running holiday in Gran Canaria would never be a bad decision. Thus, if you want to discover the most important trail running events celebrated on the island keep reading.

1. Tejeda Circular Race

The Tejeda Circular Race is one of the trail running events that attract most people. The 2020 edition will be held on the Canary Islands Day, May 30. There are three different distances:

  • Short (12.5 km): although you may think that the shortests race should be the easiest one… that’s far from reality! The cumulative elevation gain it’s so intense that there’s no time for recovery.

  • Medium (24 km): as you may think, this race is harder than the first one. Therefore, it’s not recommended for beginners.

  • Long (47.5 km): according to the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) this is a category S race. Of course, it’s aimed at experienced trail runners. Suffering at its best!

trail gran canaria

2. Transgrancanaria

The Transgrancanaria it’s, undoubtedly, one of the hardest trail running events in the world. But, in spite of its difficulty, hundreds of runners take part in it every year! For your information, the 2020 edition was celebrated between March 4 and 8. There are many modalities:

  • Kids

  • Family Trans (17 km)

  • Youth (17 km)

  • Promo (17 km)

  • Starter (30 km)

  • Marathon (42 km)

  • Advanced (65 km)

  • Trans GC (128 km)

  • Trans 360º (262 km)

Trail running in Gran Canaria wouldn’t be the same without the Transgrancanaria. It’s a very peculiar event, as the race runs through the island. Thus, traffic circulation isn’t stopped and participants must respect the rules of the road in towns and on roads for public use.

Among other things, participants are disqualified from the competition if they leave rubbish behind. Also, it’s compulsory to respect crops, livestock and private property. Obviously, runners are responsible for all damages caused.

3. Pilancones Tunte Trail

The Pilancones Tunte Trail is celebrated near the island’s geographical centre right in the Pilancones Natural Park. The 2021 edition will be held on January 21. There are different modalities for all kinds of runners:

  • 16 km Trail: a hard race with a 880 metre cumulative elevation gain.

  • 31 km Trail: a harder race with 1,980 metres cumulative elevation gain.

  • 49 km Challenge: an even harder race with 3,000 metres cumulative elevation gain.

  • 8 km Canicross: a beautiful race where participants can run along its dogs.

running gran canaria

4. Traíña Trail

The Traíña Trail is one of the most spectacular races in Gran Canaria, as it’s celebrated at night in the southern town of Arguineguín. The 2020 edition will be held on July 4. There are different modalities for those who love trail running:

  • 100, 200 or 400 metres children’s race

  • 8 km

  • 14 km

  • 24 km

5. Tamadaba Trail

The Tamadaba Trail runs through the northern side of the island, between the municipalities of Agaete and Artenara right in the Tamadaba Natural Park. The 2019 edition should have been celebrated on December 7, but it was cancelled. The 2020 it’s still pending, but if everything goes smoothly the different modalities would be:

  • Mini Trail: 14 km race with a 804 metres cumulative elevation gain aimed at beginners.

  • Media Trail: 21 km race with a 1,370 metres cumulative elevation gain for advanced runners.

  • Ultra Trail: 52 km race with a 2,876 metres cumulative elevation gain for experienced runners.

As you can see, trail running in Gran Canaria is one of the most practiced sports due to the island’s orography and its magnificent climate. What are you waiting for to discover the hidden side of Gran Canaria?