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At Dunas Hotels & Resorts we love when you chose us to spend your holidays with your family, and with us, resting in our pools and enjoying your time off in our hotels.

But, one of the things we also love, is that you get to know our island. Gran Canaria has many extraordinary corners worth visiting at least once in your life. All of them are unique, but all of them share the essence of the island, telling their history and showing exclusive elements to understand Gran Canaria inside-out.

One of the most charming places in Gran Canaria is the municipality of Agaete, located in the northwest of the island, next to the municipalities of Gáldar and Artenara.

One of the most charming places in Gran Canaria is the town of Agaete, located northwest of the island, next to the towns of Gáldar and Artenara.

The town of Agaete has two distinctive areas, each one of them with its own essence and charm. One is the old town; the other, Puerto de las Nieves, the fishing district, just the place to feel the great Atlantic Ocean.

As part of the district, going inland, you’ll bump into those stunning caprices of Mother Nature. Los Berrazales and the spectacular Tamadaba pine forest, at an altitude of 1,444 meters. There are several hiking trails in the area, from which the views are breathtaking.

Wherever you go, Agaete shows different sceneries. One of the most striking ones is the one across the road to La Aldea, a spectacular view of cliffs and blue ocean.

Agaete is a ​​fishermen and farmers’ town, who together support the economy of the area. Year after year, it is becoming more and more popular among tourists.

Something we love about Agaete is that when you visit it, you truly feel part of its community. You’ll enjoy its lifestyle, calmness and the way they know how to enjoy every day’s life.

When you come to Dunas Hotels & Resorts, we suggest you take a day’s journey to get to know the area. You won’t regret it. First, you could go into town, the old town of Agaete, and discover the locals’ daily life.

Then, go down to the district of ​​Puerto de las Nieves, the fishermen’s neighbourhood. In Puerto de las Nieves there are two areas that you should go to, one of them is the port itself, where there is a seafront promenade with plenty of terraces and restaurants and that run along the two small stone beaches. Eat in this area. As you may well imagine, fresh fish is the local delicatessen, and you will be delighted not only with the food but also with the friendliness of the its people.

Surely at this point, you will have fallen in love with Agaete, but hold on, we are eager you leave the place with everlasting memories, because Agaete can become one of your favourite spots in Gran Canaria. Take a walk along the coast, feel the breeze of the rough ocean, and get to Las Salinas, those wonderful natural pools at the end of the walk will leave you speechless. Suddenly, you’ll be right in front of the calmest waters of the Atlantic Ocean; and a magical and perfect place to live an unforgettable sunset.

At Dunas Hotels & Resorts we are convinced that this experience will be more than worthwhile, and that the next time you come to spend your holidays with us, you will run back to Agaete