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In the south of the island of Gran Canaria there is a spectacular set of dunes by the sea. It is a very characteristic place of the Canarian archipelago, not only for its greatness but also because it is a unique place in the island.

The Dunes of Maspalomas originated millions of years ago as a result of crushed organisms that the wind has been spreading over a large area ever since. Many see its great similarity with some deserts, with the exception of being by the ocean and having a commercial promenade. The dunes go all the way from the Maspalomas’ lighthouse to Playa del Ingles, and along its course you’ll be able to see different landscapes and formations. It is located in the mouths of the Fataga, Ayagaures and Chamoriscán ravines.

If you are on the island or have planned to come shortly to enjoy a few days at Dunas Hotels & Resorts is a totally recommended place to visit. It is actually a must if you come to the south of Gran Canaria. Did you know that this is one of the most visited coasts in Europe?

Its flora and fauna are its main characters. There are protected species, many of them endemic, known only in this area. The Gran Canaria’ Giant Lizard is the largest inhabitant of this sandy area. Its dunes vary in shape and direction according to the prevailing winds (east and southeast). It always draws great scientific interest, since its geological elements emphasize the value that contributes to the singularity of the landscape. During most of the year, the climate in this part of ​​the island is dry, with very little rainfall and warm temperatures.

The Dunes of Maspalomas is a well preserved area, but its surroundings are crowded, something which was understood as a threat. Therefore, in 1987 was officially declared protected area, becoming one of the natural sites of national interest. It was in 1994 when it was declared Special Natural Reserve; not only because the Dunes are exclusive, but its surroundings are considered of high ecological sensitivity.

This nomination had a clear objective: "The maintenance of the essential ecological processes linked to the dune ecosystem and to the lacustrine zone of the Charca de Maspalomas (Maspalomas Pond)". Thus from this moment, the space has been protected in order to preserve its flora and fauna’s great singularity. The priority is to safeguard its biological quality.

There are 1,000 acres of land that include a magnificent beach, the natural sand dunes and an oasis on the coast, and why not, the hotels in the area, such as Dunas Hotels & Resorts.

Its viewpoint is a very special place to go to, and probably one of the most photographed in the area by tourists and the islanders themselves.

From Dunas Hotels & Resorts, we would like to draw the attention of all those tourists who visit the island to stroll around this very charming and outstanding area of Gran Canaria; and it is of paramount importance that we also raise awareness about its environmental value. We dearly believe that it’s totally possible to reconcile tourism and the conservation of this natural space.

Visit the Maspalomas Dunes Natural Reserve very close to our hotels, it is a love at first sight protected place.