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La Charca marks the starting point of Maspalomas beach in the south of Gran Canaria. It is located beside the Lighthouse and is one of the most interesting corners in the area.

If you have ever visited Maspalomas Dunes, you may have wondered what is that oasis? It is the Maspalomas Pond, a very special corner for the people of Gran Canaria. It is a natural protected area that, next to the Dunes of Maspalomas, forms a place of great tourist and scientific interest. It is the most important wetland from the tourist and environmental point of view of the island of Gran Canaria.

Its surface varies depending on the rainfall, and its average depth is one and a half meters. As many other things, Climate Change is affecting the pond, nevertheless, its originality and importance remains the same. There is an extreme weather prevention and action plan, however, the desired results are not always obtained.

Next to the pond, just in front of the Interpretation Centre, there are two viewpoints that allow you to enjoy the landscape and the soothing silence of this area, which, in spite of being a very tourist place, its peaceful aura is truly remarkable for the senses. Many of the tourists who visit Dunas Hotels & Resorts ask about La Charca on their arrival at our hotels.

This is the most vulnerable place in the Dunes of Maspalomas Nature Reserve. Its flora and fauna are in danger of extinction. In the past, the Pond was a place of exuberant vegetation, but nowadays, the olden lush lives just in the memoirs of those who had the chance to see it when they were young kids long time ago.

At the Pond there are natural features of greater fragility, and are threatened so the access to the public is strictly prohibited. La Charca and its surroundings is a large wetland which concentrates most of the endemic species. It is a natural and unique place that does not leave any visitor indifferent.

Its fauna and flora are very rich and outstanding in Gran Canaria. As we have mentioned above, in the past the Pond was an exuberant place, but the great tourist pressure that this area undergoes has sadly impoverished it. We must all join together to respect and care for La Charca.

The presence of birds in this space is one of its most precious values. They come to this salt lagoon to either spend winter or rest between migrations. Depending on the time of year, you may find up to forty different species. The ecosystem of La Charca de Maspalomas maintains a perfect balance for both flora and fauna, since it evolves and keeps transforming throughout the year depending on climatic conditions such as water temperature, wind as well as nutrients contribution and other necessary biological aspects.

If we have spark your interest and would like to know more about the Maspalomas Pond and its environment, we highly recommend you to visit Maspalomas Dunes Natural Reserve Interpretation Centre (Phone: +34 928 765 242).