Fuente de los Azulejos

If you are staying at Dunas Hotels & Resorts enjoying the spectacular beaches that surround us, such as Playa del Ingles or Maspalomas, but you’d also like to get advantage of this time to explore the island of Gran Canaria, keep reading this article and discover La Fuente de los Azulejos -The Fountain of Tiles-.

La Fuente de Los Azulejos is located in the municipalities of Mogán and La Aldea de San Nicolás, just half an hour from our hotels. This unusual geological formation can also be seen from the road from Agaete to the crossroads to Playa de Mogán, GC-200. These sort of volcanic creations can also be found in other parts of the island such as on the edge of La Caldera de Tejeda.


Fuente de los Azulejos Gran Canaria

The so called “Tiles” are volcanic rocks of beautiful shades of blue, yellow, green, red, and even lilac. This colourful phenomenon happens when the volcanic magma is rapidly cooled down when in contact with the hydrothermal alterations of water, creating these extraordinarily capricious basaltic formations.

Its name – Azulejos- comes from the striking similarity to the colourful glazed tiles used in Spain and Portugal to decorate walls. It is precisely the richness in Nature’s colours what attracts visitors to them. Whether you have a particular interest in geology or just like being in Nature, contemplating it will surely fascinate you. Bring your camera with you and immortalize the moment, we are positive you’ll be delighted to capture Nature’s stunning beauty right before you.

Apart from this especial plan, if you like to walk and discover new places, there are hiking trails where you can walk from different points and will be able to see the peculiar contrast of the colours and shades of the volcanic rocks. You will also enjoy the flora and fauna of the area, such as the tabaibas and cardon (Euphorbia canariensis) bushes, and wild goats. One of the most popular routes to enjoy La Fuente de los Azulejos is the circular trail Los Azulejos - Inagua: it is a medium-high difficulty route, about 16.77 km and with an accumulated unevenness of 839 mts. Bear in mind that you may need a permit from the Cabildo of Gran Canaria to cross certain areas of the route.

Let yourself flow and enjoy this magnificent canvas painted by Nature that you will encounter at La Fuente de los Azulejos in Gran Canaria. How did you like this plan? Are you daring to discover the most spectacular corners of Gran Canaria?



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