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Acusa Seca, on the summits of Gran Canaria is a secluded place, full of history that we recommend you visit during your holiday in Dunas Hotels & Resorts

Gran Canaria is a tourist destination known mainly for its extraordinary beaches and good weather throughout the year. Much of our guests visit us to relax and unwind in our swimming pools and excellent southern beaches of the island such as Maspalomas. Nevertheless, some of our visitors are also very interested to venture into the heart of Gran Canaria and get better knowledge of the island. For this reason, in Dunas Hotels & Resorts we want to show you some corners of the island that will surprise you.

Acusa Seca is a town located northwest of the island of Gran Canaria, in the municipality of Artenara. You can get there by car from our hotel in just over half an hour. It is a visit that is worth undertaking because as you go deeper into the island you can see the significant landscape change, leaving behind the beaches and penetrating the mountains in one of the highest points of the island over 900 meters high. Don’t forget to stop at various viewpoints you’ll find along the climb to enjoy the scenery more calmly.

Acusa Seca is known for its unique caves that once were the scenery chosen by the aboriginals as the place of residence and development of life in general. They were forced to go into the mountains due to water shortage in the plains which made crops and grazing a challenge. The caves were one of the first populated areas of the island and, ever since, some of the caves have been the small houses of some islanders, who enjoy the stunning views of Roque Bentayga and Roque Nublo from their rustic homes.

Nowadays, you can visit some of the caves and see the role that each of them had. Some notable ones are the room caves where they lived, the grain storage caves, painted caves and even burial caves. The remains found in the burial caves have been moved to Museo Canario (in Vegueta, Las Palmas) for its significant historical value, dating from 570 A.D.

As mentioned, the natives of the island continued using the caves even after the arrival of the colonizers, even building a shrine in one of the caves, known as La Cueva de San Juan. Currently, Acusa Seca welcomes visitors not only because of its caves but also because of the beauty of its landscapes. In addition, there are trails for hiking and mountain biking from where you can admire the flora and fauna of the area such as thistles, pine forests, the moro bird, and lizards among others.

If you visit Acusa Seca, we suggest you to replenish some energy tasting the local products such as honey, prickly pears, potato bread, and maize with goat’s cheese and wine from Artenara. We promise that this visit will leave a good taste in your mouth.