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StartNewsThe commitment to the environment of every single employee is essential

The commitment to the environment of every single employee is essential

17 Oct 2018

Efrain Domingo García Vega is an Industrial Technical Engineer, Senior Technician for Occupational Risk Prevention and Senior Quality and Environment Technician among other roles. He has been the Head of Engineering at Dunas Hotels & Resorts since June 2017.

The duties of the Head of Engineering at a hotel chain as ours include organizing preventative and corrective maintenance work as well as updating facilities and regulations.

Both in order for Dunas Hotels & Resorts to provide the best possible service, as well as to present this improvement work to our guests as clearly as possible, certifications and quality awards are an essential part of how we operate. In this respect, what other tasks have you taken on as part of your role?

We work alongside General Management to assess and make any necessary investments by carrying out the work involved at each centre with the ultimate aim of attaining the levels of quality our customers expect. 

Aside from this, I was also responsible for implementing the ISO-14001 Environmental System and the TRAVELIFE environmental management system

What are the most recent certifications we have been awarded, and what others are underway?

Our environmental commitment has now been recognized, with the ISO 14001 certification, and we’re awaiting our TRAVELIFE certification. Gaining this certificate has involved months of hard work and we’re currently awaiting the conclusion of the closing stages (we may even receive it before this interview is published). 

Furthermore, these certificates involve annual audits and must be renewed every three years.

Is it usually a one-person project or does it require the work of an entire team? If so, are other departments called on?

There's a large number of us in my department which makes getting things done much easier, as does the commitment we share, which is not only to the continuous improvement of the facilities at each of our centres, but also of everything connected with the environment.

Obtaining these forms of certification has required the participation of all hotel departments and, above all else, the efforts and dedication of each employee to the environment, saving energy, saving water, separating waste, etc. 

We’ve also benefited from the crucial support of Antonio Cárdenes who, in collaboration with our department, helped us successfully secure these certifications.

What is the most complicated and satisfying thing about this kind of project?

The most complicated thing about gaining certification is the quantity of red tape to be completed and then the integration of all those written procedures into daily operations. And the best thing, in my opinion, is being able to play my part within Dunas Hotels & Resorts in the fulfillment of the wishes of our clients with regards to all aspects of improving our commitment to the environment.