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StartNewsThose surprising secret corners of Arinaga, in Gran Canaria

Those surprising secret corners of Arinaga, in Gran Canaria

04 Oct 2017

Arinaga is a coastal area of Gran Canaria which belongs to the municipality of Agüimes. The historical centre of this town is very characteristic and so are its spectacular natural landscapes (Guayadeque and Temisas), and its wide-range leisure offer.
If you come to Gran Canaria to practice Windsurf, one of its star sports, you should not miss a swim in the beach of Vargas. It is considered as one of the best places in the World for the practice of this sport.

In just about twenty to thirty minutes from the Dunas Hotels & Resorts, you’ll find this enjoyable place. So, if you have come to spend a few days on the island, we suggest you to rent a car and not missing this exciting plan!

If what you are looking for is to go for a pleasant walk and have some good local dishes in a special place, this will be the perfect plan: a walk along Arinaga’ Beach and then a nice cold beer and some potatoes with mojo and pork leg in a very charming place.

Start walking along the seafront from the western side. The wind and the rough ocean will show you the force of Nature straight away. But then, next to a small beach (that appears and disappears depending on the tides) you will get to an area well equipped for having a nice bath. This is a popular place among the locals. It is a traditional neighbourhood, so much so that you’ll meet people sunbathing on their home’s front doorsteps; and children playing cards, and eating sunflower seeds while chatting curious about anything around them.

If you like to bathe among rocks, this is your place. There are some Nature integrated stages which become the perfect place to leave your things and lie down under the sun. If the day is hot, we suggest you have a dip here, since the other accessible bathing area is on the other extreme of the promenade.

After a nice cool swim and reaching the end of the promenade, you’ll arrive to a place that will make you think there is nothing else to discover, but there is! Just around the corner you have one of the most special and typical restaurants of the island, and we dearly recommend you not to miss it, especially if you like Gran Canaria’s food.

La Vaqueria is a place with much history, as soon as you go in you’ll realize that you are in what used to be a cattle ranch. It is a very friendly place, and above all, one in a million. Since its charm is really found once you are there, we won’t be revealing anymore about its décor and atmosphere, but we’ll mention that its specialty is black pig (typical on the island) and roast potatoes which you can either share or having them in a delicious homemade bread roll. They even have milk with gofio!

If you have been drawn to both the plan and La Vaquería, do not forget to visit it. But if you can’t fit both in your plans, you should definitely make some time in your agenda to eat or dine one day in La Vaquería. You will never regret it!
Arinaga, known for being one of the industrial areas of Gran Canaria, hides some corners that will positively surprise you.

Photo: Lisa Risager