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Santa Lucia de Tirajana is a municipality southeast of the island of Gran Canaria. It is located between San Bartolomé de Tirajana and Agüimes.

Santa Lucia de Tirajana is the capital of an administrative division that count with very special places such as El Doctoral, Vecindario, Sardina del Sur and Pozo Izquierdo. Today, and for all those who come to Dunas Hotels & Resorts and would like to know the island, we are going to talk about the Gran Canaria’s town of Santa Lucía.

Santa Lucia is divided into two areas, the interior, where the capital is, and the coast area, where the main commercial area of ​​the district is located.

In Santa Lucia you’ll be seduced by tradition, culture, and its characteristic landscapes. These details manifest in any corners, churches, mills or fortresses. The natural sites of this area are a sample of the great variety of landscapes and special spaces that there are in Gran Canaria.

The town of Santa Lucía is a very charming place. It is evident just walking along its streets where culture and history is everywhere, i.e.: Church of Santa Lucía, Ermita de San Nicolás, the Tirajana Dam, the oil Mill of El Valle, Barranco de Tirajana, Caldera de Tirajana, Pozo Izquierdo Beach, Tombs of Pozo Izquierdo and the many viewpoints of the municipality.

Back in 1761, the town of Santa Lucia built its first hermitage in honour of Santa Lucia. Years later, as its state of conservation was deficient, the town decided to demolish the old construction and build a new one in the same place. The same happened with the second one. Finally, in 1905 the contemporary Church of Santa Lucia was built, this time in the town’s main square. Nowadays, it is the most visited place of interest. Both the Church, the square and even its surroundings represent all the essence of the place and of the locals. The structure, the façade and the dome of Santa Lucía’s church make it an all-embracing view.

We also suggest a cultural visit of much historical value to Castillo de la Fortaleza Museum, in the old town of Santa Lucia. It is beautifully surrounded by a garden of fruit trees and great variety of native flora.

If you’d like to visit Saint Lucia and get more information about the area, go to the Tourist Office, where they will provide you with detailed information on all points of interest to visit in the area. In addition, they also have information about leisure events, sports and particular culture of the district.

Next time you come to Dunas Hotels & Resorts, and plan to discover Gran Canaria’s history and culture, you ought to consider paying a visit to Santa Lucía and its surroundings in the southeast of the island.