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To the north-west of Gran Canaria is the municipality of Gáldar. Did you know that Gáldar was the first capital of the island? We dearly suggest you to go and visit while you are on holidays at Dunas Hotels & Resorts.

The team at the Dunas Hotels & Resorts in the South of Gran Canaria, will always recommend their guests routes and landmarks of the island that should not be missed. Gáldar is one of those places which keeps a singular charm and that, without any doubt, must be discovered during your stay in Gran Canaria.

Gáldar is one of the 21 municipalities of the island of Gran Canaria. It is located to the northwest of the island. Although there are several ways to get there, the most direct route by car from our hotels in the south is by taking the GC-1 motorway. It is approximately one-hour journey.

As we have already mentioned above, Gáldar was the very first capital of Gran Canaria; nowadays, and because of its strong historical connection with the Spanish monarchs and its indigenous community it is considered Royal City. In the town’s centre there is one of the most important archaeological sites of the Canaries: The Museum and Archaeological Park of La Cueva Pintada – The Painted Cave-. In it you’ll be able to admire the cave art of the old canaries, especially its paintings and objects such as decorated ceramic vessels, idols (clay figures), the geometric wall paintings which decorated their caves, etc. You’ll also be able to discover a large archaeological site with the caves excavated on the ground that show how indigenous people lived back on those days.

Another must place for nature lovers is Los Pinos de Gáldar, an extensive territory of unique landscapes shared by two more municipalities: Moya and Santa María de Guía. There, you’ll admire the excellent views of the north of Gran Canaria, its centuries old pine forests and enjoy a haven of peace where to breathe Nature’s pure air.

Playa de Sardina del Norte is the perfect place for sea lovers. This beach is known for its variety of marine fauna and so, there is usually a nice crowd of divers around.

If what you are looking for is tasting some of the region’s gastronomic delights, remember there are a variety of restaurants right on the beach where you’ll be able to have some wonderful fresh fish, as well as local bananas and cheese. We hope this has arisen your interest to explore one of the most beautiful corners of the island of Gran Canaria and so, we encourage you to come and enjoy it.