Los Tilos de Moya Forest

If you come to Gran Canaria and you stay at Dunas Hotels & Resorts we’d like to recommend a different experience, to alternate your days at the beach and pool in the south of the island: Would you like to discover the greener part of Gran Canaria hiking the North?

At the time of the aboriginal, the island of Gran Canaria consisted of a large forest which was known as forest or jungle Doramas. It was a place where there were many species under the name laurel forest. Today some vestiges of that leaf laurisilva remain in several of the Canary Islands and Los Tilos de Moya, Gran Canaria, are one of them. Latin laurus + silva, means "laurel forest", also known as temperate forest or laurifolia forest.

Los Tilos de Moya

In the municipality of Moya is the Special Natural Reserve Tilos, popularly known as Los Tilos de Moya. The surface of this forest is 91.5 hectares and it is possible to hike it through a circular trail to discover it. The trail begins in the Interpretation Center of the Laurisilva, it can be crossed in about 1 hour and 15m, its length is of 2.1 km. There are also other longer hiking trails. Definitely a place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island, its greener side.

Undoubtedly, Los Tilos de Moya is a place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island of Gran Canaria and to relish in the greener part of it.


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