Crater Caldera de Bandama in Tafira

If you want to admire the unique nature of Gran Canaria, you need to leave the touristic villages. We advise you to make an excursion to the Caldera de Bandama. On the way you can observe the vineyards, where the grapes grow, of which the famous Vino del Monte is gained, before you reach the volcanic crater with 1000 meters in calibre and 200 meters depth.

If you love adventure, you can descend to the ground of the crater over a path which takes approximately 30 minutes. On the ground of the crater you can admire the outstanding vegetation and fauna. Furthermore the bottom of the Caldera de Bandama is an archaeological find spot named the Cueva de los Canarios.

Bandama Gran Canaria

You can reach the Caldera de Bandama also by car and even drive to the foot of the Pico de Bandama, whose peak is at 574 meters above sea level. From that place you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the north and the east coast of Gran Canaria. If the weather is good, you can even get to see the neighbour island of Fuerteventura.

The Pico de Bandama and its crater developed thanks to a volcanic eruption between the years 47 b. C. and 123 a. C.. The last eruption took place in the 70s and is the latest eruption in the history of Gran Canaria. The Pico de Bandama and the Caldera de Bandama have been declared nature reserve in the category natural monument and are additionally geologic points of interest.


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