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Santa Brígida is one of the smallest municipalities of the island. It is located in the northeast of Gran Canaria, about 15kms from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. You can get to this charming village in about forty minutes or so from Maspalomas.

If you are planning to come to Dunas Hotels & Resorts during your next vacation, and would like to take a walk around a different area, we recommend Santa Brígida. It is worth visiting for the town itself, its people, and its restaurants and leisure activities (such as the street market on weekends).

Autumn and winter are the ideal seasons to visit this town, as its flora is leafier than ever, and the cool weather invites you to stop to enjoy a nice glass of wine and some tapas too.

Apart from being a beautiful town, Santa Brígida is surrounded with history and its environs are very significant places of the island, such as la Cueva de los Frailes, or La Cueva de los Canarios; as well as La Caldera de Bandama. These places tell us the origins of the island, its lands, and the foundation of these inland villages.

If you’d like to organize a visit during your stay in Gran Canaria, we suggest you do it during the weekend, as the town’s atmosphere comes to life and offers more activities than other days of the week. You could depart from Dunas Hotels & Resorts early in the morning, start the route toward Santa Brígida, and once in the vicinity you can make brief stops to admire its natural jewels.

La Cueva de los Frailes is a good place for a first stop. Some interesting history which will transport you to the world in which you are about to enter. Continue ascending towards the centre of the island to discover Monte Lentiscal, a residential area with plenty of trees, even on the sides of the road. From there, take a little detour towards Bandama, and don’t miss visiting La Caldera. The road and the place itself will take your breath away. Once you reach El Pico, you will be surrounded by the impressive views of the capital of Gran Canaria and the stunning volcanic crater La Caldera. You’ll then realize what a place worthy of visiting this is.

The perfect way to continue the route is to go directly to the town of Santa Brígida, stroll through its old town narrow streets, and go to visit the market. It is a small market with the highest quality products on all its stands, and the atmosphere is truly enchanting!

And, what a better way to begin the afternoon than sitting down to enjoy some wine from the area together with some tapas? There is a museum shop restaurant called La Casa del Vino, which is located right next to the market. You can enjoy any of the wines on their wine list and have lunch right there. It will be a very pleasant time to relax and taste Santa Brígida even more.

If after this wonderful and nutritiously relaxing time you are still drawn to discovering more places, the town has spectacular corners where to lose yourself in as well as fabulous points of interest along the route that will make you stop and breath a bunch of magic moments.