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StartNewsWhich Canary island to visit in your vacation?

Which Canary island to visit in your vacation?

23 Jul 2019

Is it your first time traveling to the Canary Islands? Then, you might find yourself wondering which Canary island to visit during your holidays. If we lived in an ideal world, we probably shouldn’t have to pick between travel destinations and we simply would go where we wanted, right?

But in the real world, where we “unfortunately” live, we have to make a choice for our vacation based on time, the activities we want to do and, of course, money. This paradise in the middle of the Atlantic formed by eight beautiful islands have very mild temperatures, ranging from 19ºC in winter to 23ºC in summer.

It is no surprise that the Canary Islands is one of the most popular sun, sand and sea holiday destinations. Many people know them as the place to go for year-round sunshine, but not so many are aware that each island is quite different, with its own sparkling personality.

The Canary Islands have long been a favourite for European tourists, with a short flight journey and reliable year round weather, it is no wonder they have become so enamoured by the international visitors.

However, there is much more to these charming islands than meets the eye, be it award winning-cuisine, stunning landscapes or undisturbed beaches, they are a perfect destination for everyone. But, the real question is... which Canary island to visit?

As you may suspect, there is no definitive answer, since in the end the decision is personal on what your needs for the vacation are and who you are traveling with. To decide which suits your own preferences best, it's worth knowing what those differences between each of the Canary Islands are.

Canary Islands, the Fortunate Islands

The Canary Islands are a group of volcanic Spanish islands, located off the northwest coast of Africa. They include the inhabited islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and the smaller island of La Graciosa.

Temperatures across the Canary Islands remain reliable throughout the year with plenty of cloudless, warm and dry days to go around. Every island has its own microclimate varying slightly from each other.



Lanzarote, an island of fire, golden sand and crystal clear waters, represents the volcanic power of the Canary Islands, with its particular lava fields that affect its most representative places.

  • Timanfaya National Park: an stunning landscape of reddish, ochre and dark chromatisms that will transport you to a place that centuries ago was an authentic lava sea.

  • Jameos del Agua: conceived by the Lanzarote born artist, César Manrique, the Jameos del Agua bring together two aspects, respect for the habitat of the tiny local albino crabs and cultural activities. The auditorium built inside takes advantage of the acoustics of this volcanic cave and hosts all kinds of concerts and events within a unique landscape.

  • Papagayo Beach: recently named Spain's best beach by the readers of a famous tourism magazine, this cove of fine sand and crystal clear waters is a delight for all lovers of the sun and the sea.

If you still wonder which Canary island to visit… Lanzarote might be a great choice.



Canarian people have their particular "Caribbean" in the island of Fuerteventura, a destination of arid orography where the golden sand covers more than 70% of the land. If you are looking exclusively for a sun and beach holiday, Fuerteventura is your island.

  • Corralejo: the tourist capital of the island, along its white dunes and its temperate and crystal clear waters is a true spectacle for the eyes.

  • Cofete: a hidden corner on the island, a kilometre-long beach of golden sand and crystal clear waters where calm and peace are its main features.

  • El Cotillo: a town in northern Fuerteventura where volcanic rock merges with sand and sea, an ideal place to spend a family vacation.

Fuerteventura is the perfect island for a peaceful beach holiday.


La Graciosa

Recently named as the eighth island of the Canarian archipelago, La Graciosa is the smallest and coziest one thanks to its excellent climate that will allow you to enjoy the beach to the fullest.



The largest island in the archipelago is home to the famous Teide volcano, Spain's highest peak at 3,718 metres. Its climatology is affected by this imposing volcanic giant. It is probably one of the definitive answers to which Canary island to visit.

  • Teide National Park: a natural show where you will discover first hand the lunar landscape that surrounds the Teide. A tour around Tenerife’s giant exploring its impressive endemic flora and fauna is something you won't forget.

  • San Cristóbal de la Laguna: this municipality still holds the colonial essence of the island merged with modernity, something that will allow you to enjoy its traditional streets.

  • La Orotava: considered one of the most beautiful municipalities in the Canary Islands, La Orotava lives under the Teide. Discover rural areas and villas with a cool climate and a beauty in every inch of its territory.

Tenerife is a great option to enjoy a holiday surrounded by nature and tradition.


Gran Canaria

This “miniature continent” offers plenty of things that will make every day special: sailing out to watch whales, walking in the Canary pine forests, having fun at a waterpark, wandering its shopping streets, visiting museums or just relaxing on a beautiful beach, among others.

  • Maspalomas Dunes: an ocean of golden sand located in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana in the south of the island where, according to many experts, the best climate in the world is enjoyed.

  • Roque Nublo: you will find this volcanic rock in the municipality of Tejeda, guarding from the heights the different ravines and calderas (craters) that surround it. It is next to Pico de las Nieves, the highest point on the island. Here, the beauty of the interior nature of the island contrasts completely with the previous point.

  • Agaete: the fusion between the coast, volcanic origin and tradition make this municipality in the north of Gran Canaria an ideal place. Its beautiful natural swimming pools and its houses with white and blue colours along the coast will leave you speechless.

Still wondering which Canary island to visit? This is the most versatile island in the archipelago due to its irregular orography where the mountainous ramifications created by the ravines and calderas affect the entire climate of the island. No more words needed.


La Gomera

A beautiful island where tradition and rural character is still present in each of its places. An interesting option for nature lovers.

  • Garajonay National Park: lush and endemic nature takes place in this beautiful and extensive park. Here you will get to know first hand the Laurisilva forests formed by millennial flora that have survived in this beautiful area of La Gomera.

  • Valle Gran Rey: one of the most touristic areas of the island is this valley next to the coast where the nature of the interior fuses with endemic palm groves, getting incredible contrasts.

Its unique charm will connect you directly with the natural and traditional spirit of the island. La Gomera will not disappoint you.


El Hierro

Rest and calmness go hand in hand in El Hierro, as the island is one of the preferred options chosen by many Canarians to relax and forget about the daily routine.

  • Valverde: the capital and main municipality of the island is a traditional and beautiful village with a colonial style. Its tiled streets give us a cozy stroll through each of its corners.

  • El Sabinar: the millenary effects of the nature have caused that the wind has created inclined Canary Islands dragon trees, a true natural monument.

If you are looking for rest and nature, El Hierro is an idyllic option to enjoy an excellent holiday in the youngest of the Canary Islands.


La Palma

Which Canary island to visit? The question still stands. We get to the coolest of the Canaries, “la Isla Bonita” (the Beautiful Island), as its also called by its natural landscapes.

  • Caldera de Taburiente National Park: the largest underwater crater in the world has given shape to the island, resulting in a great natural diversity that makes it perfect for hiking lovers.

  • Teneguía Volcano: Spain's last terrestrial volcanic explosion happened here in the 1970s. This volcano is still active and counts with one of the most important centres of volcanology.

An island worth discovering while enjoying the beauty it treasures inside, something that has earned it its fame.

Our choice: Gran Canaria. A diverse holidays

Each and every one of the islands is beautiful and has unique places. However, our choice, for its diversity, services and climate is… Gran Canaria.

On this island you can enjoy paradisiacal beaches, incredible forests, hiking trails, activities for the whole family or villages with an impressive food and cultural offer.

Hotels to enjoy southern Gran Canaria

The ideal place to spend a holiday in Gran Canaria is the south, where the climate and the accommodation offer is among the best in the world.

Here are our hotel recommendations in this area so you can choose your accommodation according to your wishes.

We hope that you have an idea about which Canary island to visit, right?

Mirador Maspalomas by Dunas

Mirador Maspalomas by Dunas is a the perfect all-inclusive hotel to enjoy the climate of the island, as is located in the south of Gran Canaria. The little ones will have an amazing time in this family hotel with DUNI, the hotel mascot, and the animation team and its funny gymkhanas and activities.

Maspalomas Resort by Dunas and Suites & Villas by Dunas

Maspalomas Resort by Dunas and Suites & Villas by Dunas, next to the Natural Reserve of the Dunes of Maspalomas, are hotels that will make you feel like you are staying in a village in the middle of a paradise. Their spacious bungalows and villas will give you the tranquillity and privacy you need along with beautiful gardens that converge in excellent pool areas.

Don Gregory by Dunas

Don Gregory by Dunas is the best choice to enjoy an adults-only hotel on the beachfront, designed to relax thanks to its Nordic style. You will be immersed in calm from the very first moment. Its rooms overlooking the sea of Las Burras beach in San Agustín and services such as its infinity pool, solarium or Wellness Centre will make you enjoy a quiet vacation in the middle of this authentic haven of peace.

If you have read this article to the end… then you already know which Canary island to visit! Come and enjoy a fantastic destination for your holidays. You won’t regret it!