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StartNewsBest All-Inclusive Hotels in the Canary Islands

Best All-Inclusive Hotels in the Canary Islands

24 Dec 2018

When you go all-inclusive, you pay upfront for everything that you need to enjoy an epic vacation. So, once you arrive at the best all-inclusive hotels in the Canary Islands, you can kick back and enjoy everything the luxurious destination has to offer, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to shell out any more money, unless a little souvenir shopping takes your fancy.

But, before beginning with our recommendations, we will explain well what’s an "all-inclusive" hotel and, especially, what’s the minimum they must have to be a quality hotel where you’ll find everything you need to have the best possible experience.

What’s All-Inclusive?

Some hotels use the term to mean different things, but in short, all-inclusive means that guests pay one fee for their entire stay, which covers their accommodations, food and drink, tips and taxes, and a few specific activities.

When you book your all-inclusive vacation, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing accommodations, gourmet cuisine, alcoholic and soft drinks, high-end spirits, entertainment and so much more. Generally, there are no hidden surprises and extra costs. 

hotels in the canary islands all inclusive

What should it have?

One of the big issues when booking a hotel is knowing which services are included in an all-inclusive rate. The answer lies in the quality of the hotel (or hotel chain) where you want to stay, as not all of them have the same type of customers. Therefore, we’re going to show you what all-inclusive hotels in the Canary Islands should have:

- First of all, you need good room service that keeps everything in order and in perfect condition so that when you are in your room you enjoy it to the fullest.

- All-inclusive hotels include unrivaled dining experiences for guests. They are home to different themed restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner, enabling guests to experience a taste of the world when they book a stay.

- Swimming pool areas with children's services and cocktail and refreshment facilities. The best way to enjoy the Canary Islands is having a drink inside a swimming pool.

These are the three minimum points all-inclusive hotels in the Canary Islands must have. We believe that basic services should be made to make the most of the weather and ensure a stay that provides the relax and tranquility that customers come looking for. Furthermore, we are going to give you four recommendations to enjoy the island of Gran Canaria to the maximum.

luxury all inclusive hotels in the canary islands

Best All-Inclusive Hotels in Gran Canaria

This island is a place full of diversity, where its microclimates allow to enjoy a unique and different landscapes.

If you are thinking of visiting the island, we recommend various all-inclusive hotels in the Canary Islands (and specifically in Gran Canaria) that meet –and exceed– the requirements outlined above.

Mirador Maspalomas

A dynamic hotel with a great quality of services. Ideal for those who are looking for stunning experiences on the island and expect everything they need to rest and recharge batteries.

Mirador Maspalomas is a hotel located in southern Gran Canaria, in Maspalomas, that counts with a great pool area where you can sunbathe and refresh yourself with a drink from its excellent bar and enjoy the climate of the island.

In addition, their double and family rooms have everything you need to spend the night and get the rest you deserve in your holidays.

Finally, it is necessary to talk about its food services with its excellent buffet restaurant so that you have delicious gastronomic options in every meal.

Suites & Villas

Discover what the tranquility of living in a village made for rest means thanks to Suites & Villas. The quality of its independent suites will make you feel that you are in the middle of a paradise.

Its bungalows, equipped with everything you need to have all the privacy required in your holidays, are ideal for staying in small groups and enjoy together an incredible island.

Its gardens converge in an incredible swimming pool area with an excellent bar to enjoy the sun while having a refreshing drink.

There is also a Wellness Centre where you will have the opportunity to relax thanks to its excellent massages and therapies with quality products in the hands of authentic professionals.

Its gastronomic offer is incredible thanks to its buffet restaurant, where quality will accompany you in the three meals of the day.

adults only all inclusive hotels in canary islands

Don Gregory

Ideal for rest and, undoubtedly, one of the best all-inclusive hotels in the Canary Islands all inclusive.

Don Gregory, an adults-only hotel, is an impressive option if what you are looking for is tranquility.

With a Nordic style and spectacular double rooms, relax begins to invade you from the first moment you step into the hotel.

Its Wellness Centre and spa will be in charge of lowering the stress to immerse you in an incredible sensation of comfort.

Likewise, the gastronomic offer of the Greg's Bar and the Greg's Restaurant are proof of the quality of their dishes and cocktails, which contribute to make each of the Don Gregory's services a unique experience.

All this thanks to its all-inclusive premium service called "All Inclusive Select" that brings all these experiences closer to you so that you can have a relaxing holiday full of calm and serenity.

Maspalomas Resort

Its excellent independent bungalows make this hotel an incredible option to travel with your family to Gran Canaria.

Its rooms are equipped with everything you need to have all the privacy you need in your holidays surrounded by lush gardens ideal for walking.

The gastronomic offer of Maspalomas Resort is impressive thanks to its swimming pool bar to enjoy the sun and the wonderful climate of the island.

Its buffet restaurant will allow you to eat and enjoy international cuisine during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Incredible services in a wonderful hotel that will make you enjoy Gran Canaria.

These have been our recommendations about the best all-inclusive hotels in the Canary Islands, so that you don't lack anything in your holidays.