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StartNewsWhat to do with children in Gran Canaria

What to do with children in Gran Canaria

18 Jul 2018

Fun and fantasy are real on this island. We show you what to do with children in Gran Canaria. Considered one of the most versatile islands in the world, Gran Canaria is the second most populous island in the Canary Islands and attracts the most visitors throughout the year. 

Gran Canaria is a place that hides magic, adventures and fun. It also has the ease to create memories thanks to the unique moments that everyone experience when they come to the island.

What to see in Gran Canaria with children

Below, we propose a list of activities that can be done and places that can be seen in Gran Canaria with children. Become a child again by visiting the theme parks and amusement parks that Gran Canaria offers.

Going to theme parks in Gran Canaria

Aqualand Maspalomas: The best water park in Gran Canaria, located in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, and one of the best options to do in Gran Canaria with children. Enjoy its slides, feel the adrenaline and fun that is found in the water, run a race to see who's the fastest on the soft slides... All this and much more in this place where there is only room for fun.

Holiday World Maspalomas: Feel like a kid enjoying the big wheel and the roller coaster again. Share your feelings with your children by enjoying with them in the bumper cars and the pirate ship. Shout, laugh, have fun and feel like a child in this amusement park again.

- Sioux City: Wear your hat and sheriff's badge in this theme park that will turn you into a wild west cowboy or cowgirl. Experience first-hand a bank robbery or a duel to the death for control of the city. Fears the Sioux rebels and their famous war cry, thanks to this place suitable only for brave people.

Enjoy the Maspalomas Dunes

gran canaria with children

The south of Gran Canaria hosts one of the most famous and attractive natural monuments of the island. Grab a small board and surf down these immeasurable sand waves. Recreate a desert movie and become a hardened adventurer crossing the desert.

Find epic movie landscapes among those giant sand piles and use the incredible air to get your precious kite out into the wind and sustain it in an eternal fight to stay on top with it.

Have fun in its beaches

One of the biggest reasons to come to the island and one of the best things to do in Gran Canaria with children, undoubtedly, is to visit and enjoy its beaches.

- Maspalomas: the dunes will guard you while you enjoy one of the best beaches of Gran Canaria where you can kitesurf, fly a kite or enjoy the best ice cream on the island while enjoying a perfect day at the beach.

- Anfi del Mar: we head even further south to Mogán. Here you can discover the interior of the Heart Island and enjoy a stroll through the sea with pedal boats. We recommend trying the fashionable practice on the beaches: paddle surf. Stand on a surfboard and paddle with oars to move forward.

Amadores: calm waters and 3 big pool rafts with obstacles, so you can have fun with your children. And if you are a fishing enthusiast and have a fishing license, you'll find fantasy places behind the beach to enjoy the thrill of fishing.

Fun hiking

Walk through the forests and ravines of Gran Canaria while you feel like an adventurer along the royal roads of the island.

gran canaria children

Go deep into the thickness and depth of the Azuaje ravine, let yourself be captivated by its renowned magic and listen to the true sound of living nature as you walk along its springs and paths.

Venture to follow the sound of the stream and discover a living spring in the Cernícalos ravine. And then take a bath in its waterfalls of pure water.

Climb the Roque Nublo along its simple slope and get as high as possible on the island, feeling like you're at the top of your holiday.

Learn and have fun in its museums

The island's museums are perfectly suited for children, so it’s a very fun and interesting option to do in Gran Canaria with children who are attracted to science and archaeology.

Become an aboriginal Canarian by visiting the Gáldar Painted Cave Museum. Get into the mysterious world of the first wild tribes of the island by entering their cave and seeing the paintings, which are more than half a century old. Be an archaeologist in the middle of an excavation to rescue the remains of the Canarian ancestors.

Be a scientist doing home and physical experiments at the Elder Museum of Science and Technology. Place yourself in the center of the Milky Way and navigate through outer space in its planetarium.

If you want to enjoy Gran Canaria and, in addition, stay in hotels with the best room quality, buffet and spa services and, above all, that guarantee the children's fun, we recommend you:

Maspalomas Resort and Suites & Villas: come and enjoy a charming village in the middle of paradise. Stay with your family in the amazing suites and bungalows amidst gardens and palm groves and impressive swimming pools. Enjoy the best quality services and the children's service in particular, with activities in which even you will want to take part in thanks to his mascot Duni who is constantly messing around with the little ones. You don't want to miss any of these fun moments in which everyone participates.

Mirador Maspalomas: experience all the fun and rest that you and your family need thanks to this youthful and dynamic hotel. Perfectly located to make the most of the amenities and establishments in the area. A great way to stay in the south of Gran Canaria with family or friends.

Stay, enjoy, have fun and feel the island to the fullest.

You have no excuse to make the most of your holiday on an island taken from the most magical and fantastic stories with this list of things to do in Gran Canaria with children.