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Typical Canarian food

02 Aug 2018

Discover the gastronomy that makes this paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean even more special, thanks to this list of typical Canarian food. Feel the richness of each of the traditional recipes that have conquered millions of tourists who visit the islands year after year.

With a very varied and rich nature thanks to its climate, the Canary Islands are full of unique recipes and products that more and more palates enjoy and the fame of their flavors travels around the world.

Travel to the Canary Islands and discover these incredible and delicious delicacies that you can only find and enjoy there.

Here is a list of the best traditional recipes and native products of world renown:

Typical food 

Try what the Canary Islands taste like thanks to the tradition that is preserved in each of the islands and to the influence that has been transmitted from generation to generation.

The Canarian people have managed to maintain the spirit, quality and exquisite flavour of each of the typical dishes and products of the archipelago over the years.

Canarian Mojos

The delicious typical Canarian sauces are the best match for both meat and fish. You'll be amazed at the versatility and multifaceted taste of these recipes made with oil, vinegar and paprika in the case of red mojo, and coriander for green mojo.

You will notice that each one of them will change with each island bringing unique and delicious flavors, but that all of them will taste you to the Canary Islands.

Gofio Escaldado

typical canarian food

You will find the meaning of creaminess in this impressive and delicious recipe, found in all the islands of the archipelago. A reference point for typical Canarian food. There's nothing more Canarian than gofio.

A toasted corn flour with an incredible cereal flavor, ideal for many different ways to consume. Specifically, the “gofio escaldado” is made with a good fish broth, a blend that will conquer you from its aroma.

Accompanied with a dash of green mojo, sautéed garlic and pieces of raw onion, to give you one of the most Canarian gastronomic experiences you can have.

Wrinkled potatoes with mojo

The pillar of typical Canarian food around much of the world and the reason why many visitors choose these paradise islands. If you haven't tried it, you will understand why many people visit this archipelago looking to eat this famous and delicious starter every day of their holidays.

A symphony of the simplicity and tradition of typical Canarian cuisine. Some medium sized potatoes, cooked with plenty of water and salt so its fine skin get wrinkled, achieving a soft, special and intense dish thanks to the flavor that gives the typical red mojo of each island.

Grilled cheese with mojo

traditional canarian food

If you are a cheese lover, this starter will conquer your palate, your heart and every part of your being, because it is a delight in every sense.

Enjoy the flavour of a semi-cured cheese from the area, perfectly grilled, with a crispy crust, accompanied by the best mojo on the island where you are on holiday.

Black pork meat

If you are thinking of going on holiday to Gran Canaria, we recommend you try the tender, tasty and unique black pork meat, both roasted and fried. A very common species on the island and that only traditional Canarian cuisine could lead it to excellence.

All of it thanks to an impressive marinade made with spices and aromas typical of the island. A typical Canarian meal that will slip through your favorite recipes and cuts of meat. Served with wrinkled potatoes and mojo, a must on every dish.


Traditionally cooked in the islands, this fish will show you that the Canarian coast is a unique and delicious place in every sense. With a white meat and a very mild flavor, it is the fish that best goes with green mojo and you will always find it accompanied by wrinkled potatoes with delicious red mojo.

It is very common on the island of Gran Canaria, so if you are enjoying your vacation on this island, we recommend you to go to any coastal town and try this impressive and delicious fish.


canarian cuisine

If you love seafood, this starter will make you fall in love thanks to its impressive taste and aroma. A kind of sea snail, roasted in green mojo just enough to maintain all its juiciness and intense taste of the sea.

An emblematic dish that you can enjoy on most of the coasts of each of the Canary Islands and you will want to eat every time you visit the archipelago.

Ropa Vieja

This meat stew will captivate your senses thanks to its impressive taste and all the smoothness of this impressive recipe of typical Canarian food that has occupied the tables of most of the Canarian houses for generations.

With a base of sauté, together with some chickpeas and meat cooked for hours on a low heat, we obtain this homemade and forceful delicacy.

You can find it not only with meat, but also with octopus, equally delicious and typical, a delicacy we can enjoy in several villages of Gran Canaria.


If you are thinking of coming to the Canary Islands during Easter and are a fish lover, this is one of the best typical dishes of the Canary Islands. A fish called “cherne”, usually desalted, is cooked for a long time to obtain a very intense and melting meat.

Accompanied by wrinkled potatoes with delicious red mojo, boiled sweet potato and “gofio escaldado”, this is the most typical Canarian Easter menu.


canarian gastronomy

Enjoy the sweetness of this impressive and iconic dessert made from almonds, egg and palm honey and grated lemon peel, which is a traditional product of typical Canarian food.

Accompanied by an ice cream, this impressive dish will be the best possible culmination of a purely Canarian lunch or dinner.

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Find in this list of typical Canarian food one more reason to choose this beautiful and paradisiacal archipelago as the best destination for your holidays.