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StartNewsThe best flea markets in Gran Canaria

The best flea markets in Gran Canaria

16 Oct 2018

Get to know the taste and quality of many of the typical products of the Canary Islands culture, along with other interesting stands. All of this and much more can be found in Gran Canaria, where the culture of flea markets and the sale of fresh produce is very strong.

Here you will taste the taste of authentic traditional delicacies and experience the atmosphere of these weekly events that take place in different parts of the island, where tourism goes hand in hand with enjoying a special and very cultural experience in many municipalities.

Agricultural Flea Markets in Gran Canaria

Flea markets in Gran Canaria represent a culture of buying and selling fresh products, full of flavour and health, grown in the localities close to the area where the event takes place.

Here you will be able to see how many of the neighbours of the area go to the flea market in order to buy the best quality products to elaborate traditional recipes, typical of the homemade kitchen of an island that is characterized by its rich gastronomy.

Enjoy each of these flea markets and taste their recipes and traditional elements of Canarian food such as cheese, bread, desserts or raw materials for the best homemade dishes of the island.

Teror Flea Market

You will find this impressive flea market in the beautiful and emblematic village of Teror, the place where the church of the patron saint of the island is located: the Virgen del Pino. A town full of tradition, pre-colonial style and streets with plenty of culture and calm. Here you can feel a very popular atmosphere as it is in these streets where one of the most famous pilgrimages on the island is held: the Fiestas del Pino.

Discover interesting products and recipes that represent a large part of the island's flavors every Sunday. Taste the famous Chorizo de Teror and accompany it with an exquisite cheese, all in a sandwich, a culinary icon of the island's festivities.

San Mateo Agricultural Flea Market

markets in gran canaria

Discover the famous agricultural flea market located in one of the most rural towns of Gran Canaria, La Vega de San Mateo. Placed near the capital of Gran Canaria, in this place you can see how tradition and modernity come together to create a beautiful town where you can enjoy an excellent meal and spend a fantastic day surrounded by beautiful landscapes and have a snack while being in the best company.

In it, you can enjoy one of the best agricultural flea markets on the island, famous throughout Gran Canaria for containing the best organic and local products in the area. Enjoy impressive cheeses and vegetables that attract not only nearby neighbours, but also chefs who come looking for the best ingredients for their recipes. A party for the palate and an experience where you can feel the spirit of the Canary Islands and the love for tradition.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Flea Market

Also known as "El Rastro de Las Palmas", this huge flea market is located every Sunday near the Santa Catalina Park. Here you will find everything from very interesting second-hand objects to vegetables and traditional products typical of the gastronomic culture of the Canary Islands.

You will experience a pleasant walk next to a typical area of the city, seeing very interesting things and tasting exquisite culinary products such as Canary Islands cheeses, breads and traditional sweets. One of the best flea markets in Gran Canaria that offers you more stands and products diversity.

San Fernando Flea Market

markets maspalomas gran canaria

If you are going to spend your holidays in the south of the island, you will be interested to know that the town of San Fernando, which is part of Maspalomas, has one of the most diverse flea markets on the island.

In it you will find pieces of clothing, toys, fast food, local, homemade and handmade products, as well as quality vegetables and fruit with the best flavour.

Arguineguín Flea Market

Visit one of the most famous coastal towns of Gran Canaria and enjoy, if you go on Tuesdays and Thursdays, one of the best flea markets of the island in a unique setting to experience the excellent climate of this southern spot.

Taste excellent agricultural and local produce and find items of all kinds at the many stands at this event.

Live the experience of a flea market near the beach and enjoy the authentic feeling of the Canarian coast while trying impressive recipes and discovering incredible handcrafted products.

Mogán Agricultural Flea Market

Travel to the southernmost municipality of the island and enjoy one of the best flea markets in Gran Canaria, where agricultural and organic products are the protagonists of most of the stands.

Mogán is famous for having the “world's best avocado" and one of the best "mangoes" on Earth thanks to its excellent climate, which temperatures of 23-25 degrees during most of the year.

These perfect conditions are ideal for fruits to grow with all their aroma and flavor. You will find the best tropical fruits and a great atmosphere to spend a whole day  tasting the impressive local cuisine.

Enjoy the best flea markets in Gran Canaria in the best accommodations that allow you to be close to many of them, while having services and features that guarantee you the rest and relax that you deserve in your holidays:

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Discover the flea market culture of Gran Canaria and enjoy the select agricultural and local products that you can find in them along with a diverse and wide variety of objects.