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Charming villages

28 Jul 2016

Charming villages in Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria does not only have beaches or a climate, its villages and interior are just as striking and interesting.

There are many charming villages that deserve to be visited by anyone who is interested in the general culture of the island. We will talk about some of them, to show that tourism in Gran Canaria can be very varied and is perfectly adapted to the varied tastes of those who visit our island.


It is one of the municipalities in the south of the island. One of the most suitable places to enjoy sun and a paradise beach. It is the second largest municipality on the island. It is in a beautiful valley that goes from the ravine of El Mulato to the coast. Its most renowned beaches are those of Puerto Rico, Amadores and Taurus. All of them have crystalline blue water and are perfect for spending a few days with the family.
The port of Mogán is one of the most important points of tourism in the area. Many sea lovers say of Mogán that it is a real paradise, as it not only offers the tranquillity that tourists seek in their holidays, but also its gastronomic and commercial offer of the area is totally up to their expectations.


It is a small village in the north of Gran Canaria, and is full of charm. Its most interesting places are the Barranco de las Mil Fuentes and the church. It has a very special natural heritage as it is located in the Parque Natural Monte Doramas.

Water is the main protagonist of its history, and this can be appreciated with the thirty-metre artificial waterfall on the Paseo de Gran Canaria, the old royal street of the town. Another attraction is the water mill, one of the oldest remaining in the Canary Islands.

Its streets lend themselves to pleasant walks through them. It is a very quiet place to visit sometime. The centre of the village is the square and the church of San Roque, but in this case it is not only the centre that attracts attention; the views from it and its surroundings do not leave anyone indifferent. From Firgas you can see perfectly the Atlantic and the whole north of Gran Canaria.


It is the highest village, and with less population, of Gran Canaria; and it is surrounded by a very abrupt relief, which gives the sensation of being a great balcony over the World Reserve of the Biosphere of Gran Canaria. One of the best views of the island can be seen from here. The Spanish writer Miguel de Unamuno, baptized this town as "Petrified Tempest", describing the summit of Gran Canaria.

A quiet village, perfect for a trekking route or simply to rest and enjoy its silence. It invites you to walk around the whole area, from the Parque Natura Pinar de Tamadaba. Besides, the main characteristic of this village are its typical cave houses and its history, since it is one of the most important aboriginal centres of the island.

Its houses are sober and functional, there are no big constructions but mixing architectural styles from different periods and influences.