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StartNewsWe are the first and last faces our guests see at the hotel - Lisa Luppi

We are the first and last faces our guests see at the hotel - Lisa Luppi

28 Jul 2016

What do you like most about the island of Gran Canaria? What places would you recommend to someone who comes to visit for few days?

The people and climate are the two most attractive features of Gran Canaria. In order to avoid the most popular tourist routes, I would suggest you go swimming in the natural pools of Zoco Negro or to eat the best ham roll (bocadillo de pata) of the island in "La Vaquería", both in Playa Arinaga or going to Bar Yazmina in Telde and also visiting the Valley of Agaete where you'll find the only coffee plantations in Europe.

How long have you been working in Dunas Hotels & Resorts? Always in the same hotel?

I worked in the Dunas Mirador Maspalomas Hotel from March 1999 until 2008 and ever since I have been working in the Dunas Maspalomas Resort.

What is your position? What are your duties? What do you like most about your job?

Nowadays I work as the head of reception. Our tasks are many, but the most important ones are our check-in welcome and check-out farewell. We are the first and last faces our clients see after and before a long journey, so the most important thing is the welcoming hospitality they receive from us. Among other things, I must also supervise the daily cash, organise the weekly staff shifts, make sure there is a great customer care even when we are extremely busy, and preparing the following day new checking-in guest's lists.

What I definitely most like about my job is the one on one rapport with our customers and our teamwork achievements.

What are your job's toughest challenges?

The hardest and greatest challenge is when a client does not respect the rules or if any of our guests are unhappy. In such cases, we try our best to make it up to them and correct things, so they can enjoy their holiday with us and come back to the hotel.

As for my job as a team manager, one of my biggest challenges is keeping my team united and focused, always trying to do it better every day. My reward is seeing how teamwork and motivation translates into daily ongoing improvements.

Would you share with us any anecdote or remarkable moment with some clients at the Dunas Mirador Maspalomas Hotel?

One of the dearest moments that I've experienced with some guests lately was with a couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary. The lady had called us in advance to request a special note in their room saying: "I love John." The room was prepared in a very special way: champagne, chocolates and, of course, the note. The lady came to reception to thank us the gesture and told us the experience had been superb.