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StartNewsThe beaches of Gran Canaria

The beaches of Gran Canaria

17 May 2017

We know only too well that there are countless beaches in Gran Canaria. And there are for every taste, but above all - and this is very important - all the beaches can be enjoyed all year round.

Thanks to the good climate and pleasant temperatures we have here on the island of Gran Canaria, we are one of the chosen holiday destinations for those fleeing the cold and rain during winter or spring.
Many of the holidaymakers who visit us at Dunas Hotels & Resorts have a very clear idea: they come to experience the beaches of Gran Canaria. They want to spend the day on the beach, relaxing or doing one of the activities on offer there, going for a walk, or simply getting to know the beach and exploring what they have already been told about.
In the official lists where the best beaches in the Canary Islands are listed, several of Gran Canaria's beaches always appear. It's no wonder, because some of our beaches are as if conjured out of a dream.
Las Canteras beach, Maspalomas beach and Playa del Inglés: are some of the best beaches in Gran Canaria. Although, of course, the list is much, much longer, so we'll talk about some other beaches another time. Some of them rather unknown to those who are not local, and which really surprise every visitor in a positive way.

Las Canteras Beach

Las Canteras is very well known because it is one of the best city beaches in Spain. It is located in the capital: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
It extends for more than 3 kilometres and about 200 metres from the coast, in the sea, there is a natural rock formation that is one of the most famous features of this beach.
It is an ideal place to spend a day with the family, have a swim and explore the rock formation in the sea. 

The beach of Maspalomas

Maspalomas beach is the most famous beach and an icon of Gran Canaria. It is located in the south of the island of Gran Canaria and, apart from the fact that this beach is very attractive due to its length and calm appearance, the surrounding environment is the absolute crowning glory.

The beach is in the middle of a kilometre-long sea of sand dunes formed by the sea and the winds.

It is a beach that you simply must visit when you come to Gran Canaria. If you spend a few days with us at Dunas Hotels & Resorts and don't visit Maspalomas beach, it's as if you haven't been here. Besides, we make it easy for you because from some of our hotels, such as the Dunas Suites & Villas Resorts and the Dunas Maspalomas Resort, you are only about 10 minutes walk from this great Gran Canaria beach.

The beach of Playa del Inglés

Playa del Inglés is an extension of Maspalomas beach. The dunes extend to here and this gives it that impression of wide seashore and peaceful waters.

The beach stretches for about three kilometres and in some places its shore is up to 100 metres wide. This makes this beach an ideal place for families. Because not only is it a quiet place, you'll also find a wide range of activities for the little ones.

What do you think of our list of the most popular beaches in Gran Canaria? Are your favourites included?