Coffee from Agaete

If you are one of our guests at Dunas Hotels & Resorts, you are passionate about coffee and want to enjoy new experiences during your holidays, this information will be of your interest. The town of Agaete is in the northwest of the island of Gran Canaria. To get from our hotels in the south of Gran Canaria you must take the GC-1 motorway, and you will be there in about an hour by car.


agaete coffee plantation

The municipality of Agaete is known for its agriculture and fishing, as it lies between the mountains of the Agaete Valley and the Atlantic Ocean, with its famous and picturesque Port of Las Nieves. As for the crops of the fertile Agaete Valley, we can find a diversity of products that grow in these lands, such as oranges, mangos, papayas and coffee, among others. The coffee of Agaete is unique and special, its variety is the Typica Arabica, originally from Ethiopia. It is thought to have arrived to the island two centuries ago and it is the last coffee plantation that remains active in Europe, so it is not surprising that they welcome many national and international visitors interested in coffee plants and its fruits.

In order to broaden your knowledge of coffee in Agaete you may visit, among other options, Finca Los Castaños: A place where you can enjoy the various activities offered by the coffee plantation. In this estate, once the fruit has ripened, they are very carefully harvested by hand to obtain an exquisite product of the highest quality.

In addition, in Finca los Castaños you can be trained as a cupper (professional specialized in coffee) with or without previous experience and at different levels; tour around the estate to learn the whole process of coffee cultivation and train the palate with a coffee tasting. Take advantage of your visit to unleash your senses tasting the authentic flavour of the coffee from Agaete.

Did you know that the aroma of coffee can produce a sense of well-being and develop many positive effects on the body? This coffee aromatherapy is already one good reason to come to Agaete and pay a visit to this extraordinary estate. Finca Los Castaños is located in Camino de los Romeros s/n, in San Pedro, Agaete Valley, Gran Canaria.


Do not you know how to get there from the hotel? Here you can print the route from the hotel.

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