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StartNewsNatural pools in Gran Canaria

Natural pools in Gran Canaria

18 Jul 2023

Gran Canaria is known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. Another hidden gem that shouldn’t be missed are its natural pools. These saltwater pools, formed by volcanic rocks, provide a unique and breathtakingly beautiful experience for visitors.

These natural pools on Gran Canaria offer an escape from the crowded tourist spots. Unlike the beaches filled with sunbeds and umbrellas, these pools provide a more secluded and relaxed environment. It’s the perfect place for those seeking some quiet and relaxation away from the bustling tourist areas.

Let’s get to know the 7 best natural pools on Gran Canaria!

Top 7 Natural Pools in Gran Canaria

These pools are nestled among stunning cliffs, creating a postcard-perfect setting. The crystal-clear turquoise waters invite visitors to take a refreshing swim or simply soak in the natural beauty surrounding them. From the vibrant greenery to the dramatic landscapes, the natural pools on Gran Canaria provide a truly immersive and awe-inspiring experience for nature lovers.

1. Los Charcones natural pool (Arucas)

los charcones natural pool

The natural pool Los Charcones is a lively place in Arucas, specially during the summer. It’s a family-friendly place in Gran Canaria which has been quite recently redone. Enjoy a relaxing day in the sun and a refreshing dip in the natural pools’ salt water or the comfort of a solarium designed to make the most of the island's soothing climate. Spend a day at this tranquil, refreshing, and undeniably natural swimming pool, allowing you to experience first-hand the satisfaction it brings.

2. Roque Prieto natural pools (Santa María de Guía)

piscinas naturales de agaete gran canaria

Located in the municipality of Santa María de Guía, Roque Prieto is a haven of tranquillity. This peaceful natural swimming pool in Gran Canaria offers a serene and welcoming atmosphere. With two beautifully conditioned natural pools, it provides the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the beauty of the island's northern coastline. While accessing the pools for a swim isn’t challenging, it’s important to take caution due to the potential sea conditions.

3. Charco San Lorenzo natural pool (Moya)

san lorenzo natural pool

Charco de San Lorenzo is another popular and beautiful natural pool. If you prefer a relaxing and quiet atmosphere, we recommend you to visit it during the weekdays. The pool is isolated from the waves by a stone wall, but you can still enjoy watching the waves of the Atlantic Ocean while enjoying the safety of the pool. Furthermore, at San Lorenzo, you can find a small bar where you can have food and drinks. It’s a spacious natural pool, adapted for all types of visitors who want to enjoy a swim in the north of the island and spend a different day at the beach. It’s also a good place for snorkelling. 

4. Las Salinas de Agaete

las salinas pool in agaete

The natural pools of Las Salinas are located in Agaete and are one of the most popular spots. They’re a must if you’re visiting the island and want to visit a unique place overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Las Salinas consist of three interconnected natural pools which are protected from the open sea. On some days, you can even enjoy the breathtaking views of the waves crashing into the rocky walls around the pools.

Agaete is an amazing and interesting municipality that you shouldn’t miss on your holiday.

5. El Agujero natural pools (Gáldar)

el agujero natural pools

El Agujero is located near the historical center of the municipality of Gáldar, in the north of Gran Canaria. It’s formed by three natural pools, from which one is open to the sea. This saltwater pool is a good place for surfers in the north of the island. To access the pool, you can follow big steps that lead you to the natural pool.

According to the time of year, you can sunbathe in black sand areas. Very close by, you can discover a sunken boat by diving or find well-known spots where to surf.

6. La Laja beach & pools (Las Palmas)

In Las Palmas, at the southern entrance to the island’s capital, you can find the beach and natural pools of La Laja. It’s worth mentioning if you’re having a trip to the capital and want a dip in the nice waters.

7. El Clavo or La Furnia in Galdar

la furnia natural pool

El Clavo (or La Furnia) is a rather unknown natural pool in Gáldar. It’s sheltered from the waves by tall cliffs and lies in a wild surrounding formed by volcanic rocks. You can access this natural pool by going down a few steps. Enjoy its crystal clear waters and watch the power of the ocean.

How to get to the north of Gran Canaria

We recommend that you rent a car in Gran Canaria if you want more independency and to move around the island during your stay.

If you’re coming from the south of the island, take the GC-1 motorway and join the GC-2, which connects the capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, with the north of the island and with the places previously mentioned.

Explore Gran Canaria's hidden oasis: The enchanting natural pools

A visit to the natural pools on Gran Canaria is an absolute must for anyone seeking a unique and awe-inspiring experience. The tranquility, natural beauty, opportunities for interaction with marine life, family-friendly environment, and accessibility make these pools an unforgettable destination. Whether you’re a nature lover, a snorkelling enthusiast, or simply seeking a break from the tourist crowds, the natural pools on Gran Canaria are definitely worth exploring.

These places in the north of the island will give you a splendid holiday thanks to the tranquillity and purity breathed in all the localities that form the north of Gran Canaria. In order to enjoy all the natural swimming pools on the island, we recommend that you stay in hotels that provide you with the quality you deserve on your vacation and extend the tranquillity experienced in each of the places mentioned above.

Don Gregory is our first recommendation. This hotel is a haven of peace and relax thanks to its Wellness area, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the great spa, experiences massages and aesthetic therapies. All this together with the excellent Nordic style that gives the hotel the calm needed to spend a holiday away from routine and stress.

Mirador Maspalomas is our second recommendation, as it is an excellent value for money accommodation. Its dynamic and pleasant atmosphere makes it an ideal option for those who come looking for activity and movement in their holidays. In this hotel you will find all the services you need to continue living Gran Canaria in a fun and active way.

Maspalomas Resort and Suites & Villas is our third recommendation. A perfect hotel to enjoy a family vacation thanks to the excellent bungalows provided with all the features you need to have the tranquility and privacy that your family deserves. Enjoy extraordinary walks through its lush gardens surrounded by palm trees that lead to the amazing swimming pools where the little ones will have a great time with Duni, the hotel mascot.

These hotels are the best way to enjoy your holidays, as they are located in ideal areas to take advantage of the best tourist spots in the south of the island. Access from the GC-1 motorway that will take you to the north, where you will find these extraordinary natural swimming pools of Gran Canaria. Enjoy relaxing and wonderful beach days with the unmatched weather of the northern towns of this island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.