La Fortaleza in Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria has great archaeological wealth. The largest of its deposits, and one of the most important ones, is La Fortaleza. It consists of three stunning rocks, La Fortaleza Grande, La Fortaleza Chica and Titana.

La Fortaleza is located in the Caldera de Tirajana, in Santa Lucia, and is one of the great natural monuments of the island of Gran Canaria. It is the ideal place to practice sports and outdoor activities, so if you plan to enjoy the nature of the island when you come to Dunas Hotels & Resorts, this is one of the places to visit. In this area you can enjoy many natural, scenic and cultural resources. Santa Lucia has a network of traditional trails perfect for hiking, and several of them reach the area of  La Fortaleza and the Interpretation Centre.

La Fortaleza is a very special place, related to the aboriginal Canaries of 1483 (although its main historical event is put in doubt today). Archaeologists believe that this deposit could be the temple of Humiaya, one of the largest aborigines in Gran Canaria. La Fortaleza’s richness and variety of archaeological manifestations have achieved the award of Good of Cultural Interest. And not only that, but also a place of mandatory visit for anyone who wants to know the history and archaeology of the island.

The summit of La Fortaleza Grande stands out because of the rock engravings and a large number of walls with stone structures that are believed to have been built for military defence purposes. But it is also related to cultural practice of rituals where fauna and fire were the protagonists.

The centre of La Fortaleza has a very large amount of resources which allow visitors to know the highlights of La Fortaleza, and the Archaeology of Gran Canaria. It has an exhibition hall where hyperrealist pieces are displayed, and are perfect to understand the history of Gran Canaria, the site, and La Fortaleza.

There are also cultural and outreach activities, workshops and temporary exhibitions. Most of the time, related to La Fortaleza and what it meant for the development of the people and culture of Gran Canaria.

In the centre of La Fortaleza there is a viewpoint terrace, perfect for visitors to enjoy the natural environment surroundings of the site. In this place you can even visit an ancient Aboriginal home.

If during your holidays in Dunas Hotels & Resorts in Gran Canaria, you’d like to enjoy some family plans, La Fortaleza is the ideal place. Nature, culture, history and entertainment in one place.