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StartNewsThe Transgrancanaria. Trail, island and paradise

The Transgrancanaria. Trail, island and paradise

09 Dec 2020

The Transgrancanaria is one of the most extreme trails of its kind compared to other races around the world and is held in Gran Canaria.

Since October 2003, runners have been crossing the island on foot, passing through different supply stations and different locations that the Canary Islands cities have to offer during the different stages.

The organisation centre is located in Expomeloneras, in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, or more precisely in Meloneras, one of the warmest areas of the island. This is also where the race ends.

Every year a route is organised with different sections and starting points for each category. The only common points are start and finish points.

Which are the categories of the Transgrancanaria you can join?

As we have already mentioned, you can do this run in different categories, depending on your physical condition and physical constitution. The main difference is the number of kilometres to be run in each category.


The Transgrancanaria category is the most demanding race of all with a total of 125 km and a positive altitude difference of 7,500 m. If you are a professional in the field, this test will be one of the greatest challenges you can face.


Advanced is the second demanding category with more than 80 kilometres and a positive altitude difference of 4200m. It is suitable for professional athletes, runners and for those who are used to intensive sports.


This test is a challenge for all lovers of radical hiking. More than 40 kilometres and about 1100m positive altitude difference. It starts in the centre of the island and crosses incredible natural landscapes. This category is the connecting point with the two above mentioned.


Although it is one of the least demanding categories, you only have 10 hours to complete 30 kilometres and to pass more than 2300m of altitude. It is perfect if you are used to difficult hiking routes.


A category to live the perfect experience when you start trail running. 15 kilometres and 470 metres in altitude. Do you have a normal condition? Do you go running 1-2 times a week or do you do sports? Then this category is the right one for you. The organization of the Transgrancanaria does not allow any excuse not to participate.

The best accomodation during the Transgrancanaria

Both our Hotel Don Gregory in San Agustín and Suites & Villas and Maspalomas Resorts are perfect accommodations to relax before and after the race.

Perfect for your concentration and relaxation, Don Gregory will win your heart with its tranquillity, its furnishings and its soundproof windows with sea views. The associated spa makes it one of the best accommodations for athletes in the south of Gran Canaria.

On the other hand, Suites & Villas and Maspalomas Resort, thanks to their villas and bungalows, are perfect for a unique experience as privacy and self-management are exactly what you need for your stay on the island.

Come and enjoy one of the best test tracks in the world: the Transgrancanaria. Choose your category and come to Gran Canaria to enjoy the sport and an island known for being a miniature continent.