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StartNewsThe perfect accommodation for Transgrancanaria 2020

The perfect accommodation for Transgrancanaria 2020

08 Oct 2019

Transgrancanaria is one of the most internationally recognised sporting events on our islands. It is a mountain race, crossing the island of Gran Canaria, which has been celebrated since 2003. Another of the attractions is the date of celebration, in early March, a season in which enjoying the mild temperatures of the Canary Islands is impossible in other parts of Europe.

The next edition of Transgrancanaria will be held from March 4th to 8th. The topic of this edition is “Trail is Female”, to pay homage to the women participating. Not only are there more female participants each year, but their performance in international races is also improving, entering the top 10 of the ranking.

Through its years of history, Transgrancanaria has gone from 65 to 4,000 participants in its last edition, in March 2019. Also, it is one of the local trials with the most international runners, with 69 nationalities taking part last year.

Modalities at Transgrancanaria 2020

Like every year, there are several ways of participating in Transgrancanaria depending on the modality and distance. The most adventurous option is Transgrancanaria 360º; the classic race is Transgrancanaria, with 128 km and a slope of 7,500 metres; and the advanced race is 65 km with a slope of 3,200 metres.

Another option is the marathon, which will take place this year on Saturday, March 7th 2020, with the classic 42 kilometres, the starter race of 30 km, and those best suited for amateurs at Transgrancanaria: Youth, Promo & Family Trans, of 17 km.

Accommodation for Transgrancanaria 2020

Our hotels in the south of Gran Canaria are perfect for your visit to the island if you are coming to participate in Transgrancanaria: with every comfort you need to get ready for the race, such as a gym and food suitable for athletes. You can also rest after the race in our swimming pools, regain strength at our buffet and even enjoy your well-deserved prize with a relaxation treatment in our wellness centres.

If you want to stay at one of our establishments for Transgrancanaria 2020, which will be held next March, simply visit the website of the organisers, go to Get Ready - Accommodation and following the simple steps. Here is a direct link to the section so you can organise your accommodation for Transgrancanaria 2020http://www.transgrancanaria.net/alojamiento/


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