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StartNews5 secret places in Gran Canaria

5 secret places in Gran Canaria

05 Sep 2019

If we look at the emblematic places of the island, it's important to point out the fact that they are secret places in Gran Canaria, which are unknown by most tourist. Despite that fact, they have an easy access so that the visitors of the island can enjoy them as much as the locals.

As already known, this canary island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean offers optimal possibilities for those who are looking for sun and beach, but also a many options for nature lovers. More and more international hikers are coming to Gran Canaria to experience the endless beauty of the island.

The hidden places are in the centre of the island and remain invisible from most advertising campaigns. They offer unique experiences and can be easily reached.

In this article we show you five hidden places in Gran Canaria, with a high ecological value, as most of these places remain untouched so their natural spirit has been preserved.

Hidden places of the island

The secret places of Gran Canaria have always been of high local interest. These places are often only known by the locals of the surrounding areas.

For this reason, there is usually only little information about the places. The inhabitants of the Canary Islands do their best to maintain the peace and the natural balance of these spots.

The upcoming tourism interests for environment and sustainability during the last years has led to a steady increase in interest in the pure volcanic spirit of the island's nature and the fame of it´s hidden places.

The places can be found both inland and along the coast, since the volcanic origin of the Canary Islands has shaped the island´s orography.

Gran Canaria is one of the most versatile islands. Due to the numerous canyons and calderas, a wide variety of structures have been created all over the island.

All this is the origin of many secret places on Gran Canaria. Surrounded by lush nature and volcanoes along the coasts. Geographical conditions that create authentic pareidolia, as we will see below.

Let's start with the hidden places, that are very easy to reach. From Dunas Hotels & Resorts we invite you to discover this beautiful island during your holiday.

Bufadero - Tauro

This place is located in the south of the island, in the region of Mogán. Close to the beach of Tauro, just a few meters from the beach of Amadores. 

At low tide, this inlet is a wonderful place to enjoy the purity of the Atlantic Ocean and the excellent climate that covers the island during most time of the year.

Some also use it as a natural swimming pool, making it ideal for a relaxing day on the beach.  A swim in the calm sea is also highly recommended.

La Botija - Gáldar

The north coast of Gran Canaria is home to a number of interesting places. One is the archaeological site of La Botija, a unique place where you can experience the culture of the island's first settlers.

The municipality of Gáldar is located in the north of Gran Canaria and can be reached via the GC-1 highway. From the south of the island you can easily get to the place in only 45 minutes.

Charco Azul - Agaete

One of the first secret places in Gran Canaria that has gained more and more touristic fame over the last years. A beautiful natural swimming pool, created by waterfalls from the heights of the island.

From the village of El Risco, in the region of Agaete, you can easily reach the waterfall by taking a nice walk. Just follow the path that starts directly from the car park. A dreamlike place where you can take unique pictures and enjoy a refreshing bath under the waterfall that falls from the eroded volcanic wall.

El Charco de Las Palomas - Tejeda

This beautiful water basin, whose origin resembles the before mentioned Charco Azul, disposes of a very easy access.

Next to the road, along an easy route, you will soon hear the splashing of the natural waterfalls that form this dreamlike pool in the middle of nature.

The spa from Azuaje - Firgas

One of the most beautiful walks on the island: the Azuaje circuit. At the beginning of the itinerary you will discover an abandoned spa, surrounded by beautiful green gorges nature. Most of its walls and facilities are already dominated by the surrounding vegetation.

Azuaje Spa is considered one of the most mysterious places on the island. Here you will experience the surprising versatility of Gran Canaria at first hand, when taking some extraordinary pictures.

The window of Nublo - Tejeda

A perfect example for the famous pareidolia caused by the volcanic origin of the island.

Strange rock formations through which we can observe the two most famous landmarks of the Canary Islands: the Roque Nublo on Gran Canaria and the hughe volcano Teide on Tenerife.

The Nublo window is located in the region of Tejeda and can be reached by a short footpath between Tejeda and San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

Hotels to discover Gran Canaria

To explore all these secret places of Gran Canaria during your holiday, we recommend a stay in one of the best hotels on the island. First class accommodations that adapt to all your travel needs. Equipped with all the comforts you need to relax and enjoy a varied time on the island. 

Don Gregory by Dunas

The Don Gregory of Dunas is the best choice for relaxing. This Nordic style adults only hotel will let you sink feel the deep tranquillity from the very first moment.

The rooms with sea view are equipped with all necessary amenities. The beach hotel in San Agustín offers first-class services, such as an infinity pool, a spacious sun terrace or an excellent wellness area. All in all,  perfect conditions for a relaxing holiday.

Maspalomas Resort by Dunas y Suites & Villas by Dunas

The Maspalomas Resort by Dunas y Suites & Villas of the Dunas Hotels, is composed of two hotels which, due to its proximity to the dunes of Maspalomas, transmit the feeling of being in a beautiful and cosy holiday village in the middle of paradise.

Two hotels made for you, to enjoy the necessary privacy you are looking for during your holiday. Surrounded by lush and well-kept gardens, which surround the excellent pool areas. An ideal option if you are travelling to Gran Canaria with your family and friends.

Mirador Maspalomas by Dunas

Mirador Maspalomas by Dunas is a dynamic hotel, ideal for those who want to discover all the hidden corners of Gran Canaria during their holidays. The proximity to the GC-1 highway, which crosses the island from north to south, as well as the excellent services and comfortable facilities, make this hotel an interesting choice for your holiday.

If you are travelling together with your children, you will also find an excellent animation service. Together with the Hotel Mascot Duni, your little ones will enjoy a variety of workshops and games and a few unforgettable holidays. 

Four hotels from where you can perfectly enjoy the beautiful and extraordinary secret places on Gran Canaria; optimal possibilities to make your holiday on this versatile island as varied as possible.