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Popular festivals of Gran Canaria

28 Jul 2016

The festivals of Gran Canaria help to understand the character of its people

Throughout the year and the island of Gran Canaria, villages and towns dress up to welcome native and foreign visitors who come to enjoy their festivals and pilgrimages.

Village’ festivals always give a clear hint about their peoples’ nature. Not only in Gran Canaria, but anywhere else, local jubilees are always eagerly awaited. Some of the most important festivals of the island are held in the summer, and Gran Canaria is filled with curious onlookers.

The most characteristic local festivals are pilgrimages that are celebrated in honour of the various patron Virgins of the island. Besides being a very important and special to the people of Gran Canaria, festivals are also one of the reasons why tourists choose certain dates for a trip to the island.

These are some of the most important festivals and pilgrimages of Gran Canaria and we highly recommend them!

Pilgrimage of Nuestra Señora del Pino (Teror)

This festival has been held on September 7 th every year since 1952. The procession starts at Castañero Gordo and reaches the doors of the Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pino, in the beautiful village of Teror. Pilgrims choose different routes and paths to reach the village, since the pilgrimage comes from many different places of Gran Canaria.

As pilgrims arrive in Teror, celebrations begin. Nevertheless, pilgrims always say that the revelries start with the journey thereof.

Fiesta del Charco (La Aldea de San Nicolás)

Every September 11 th La Fiesta del Charco is celebrated in La Aldea de San Nicolás. It commemorates how fishermen used to fish by hand in the olden days. So, nowadays people gather in the water and try fishing with their own hands. Very few succeed, but this very challenge attracts even more people every year.

Fiesta de la Rama (Agaete)

Every year on August 4 th the festival in honour of Agaete’ saint patron La Virgen de las Nieves is held in the north of the island of Gran Canaria. The tradition brings thousands of people together waving branches while dancing along the streets of the town at the beat of the already renowned band from Agaete. Once they arrive at the sea, they hit the branches against the water commemorating the ancient aboriginal rite with which Canaries used to ask the gods to bring them rain. On the following day, the jubilee goes on with a procession which carries the Virgen de las Nieves from her chapel to the parish of Nuestra Señora de la Concepción in Agaete.

Any of the above plans are very attractive for both tourists and the people of Gran Canaria. Every year these festivals increase in popularity and participation. If you visit one of our hotels in the south of Gran Canaria during the celebration of some of the most famous festivals of the island, we encourage you to join the fiesta and enjoy!