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StartNewsDunas Hotels & Resorts and the Pequeño Valiente Trust

Dunas Hotels & Resorts and the Pequeño Valiente Trust

06 Dec 2017

At Dunas Hotels & Resorts we care about the things that truly matter, and we believe that few things matter more than children. For some time now, we have collaborated with the Pequeño Valiente - little brave- Trust because we believe that the work the trust does is excellent, and that any support we can offer is not enough.

We love being part of something as beautiful and rewarding as a child's smile. Because children’ smiles are capable of making anyone's day, and because behind those smiles there nothing but gratitude, sincerity and authenticity. At Dunas Hotels & Resorts we’d like you to join our commitment to the great "Pequeño Valiente" Trust.

We’d love you to feel the same way we feel every time we get positive news from them, because in life threatening conditions everyone's work is what gets the good results. To this end, we have a piggy bank in the reception of the hotel in which you will be able to help us support this honourable cause. We’d like to thank you in advance on behalf of all the little ones that are part of "Pequeño Valiente". You can visit the Trust's website on www.pequevaliente.com


Objectives of the Pequeño Valiente Trust

Pequeño Valiente is a non-profit regional association formed by parents from the Canary Islands whose children suffer childhood cancer. In 2006, a group of parents realised the deficiencies and needs within the oncohaematology ward and joined forces to found the Trust Pequeño Valiente.

The main objectives of this association begin with providing families and children victims of the disease with all the necessary support in the best possible conditions, doing everything possible to improve their quality of life throughout the disease.

  • Promote and improve children's health care.

  • Disseminate the existence of childhood cancer in society.

  • Psychological support and attention.

  • Social support and attention.

  • Human and moral support.

  • Facilitate the educational integration of the child (i.e.: information to teachers).

  • Specific information to the families and partners of the Trust about the activities organized by Pequeño Valiente.

  • To have the necessary facilities to avoid that parents whose residence is in other islands of the province of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or Santa Cruz de Tenerife, bear big staying expenses when their little ones are in long hospital admissions.

  • Facilities improvement.

  • Financial aid.

  • Help families on their journeys out of the islands.


Achievements of the Pequeño Valiente Trust so far

In addition to all the targets that are yet to be met, we must highlight some of the achievements that are already part of the history of "Pequeño Valiente". Thus, showing those wishes that already came truth, we come to realise how important any contribution is. In the past years, "Pequeño Valiente" has opened two new headquarters, one in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and another in Lanzarote.

With this, among other things, there is bigger opportunities to offer help and attention to those children throughout the Canary Islands who may need it. Two new foster homes have also been launched, and the oncohaematology plant of the Maternal and Child Hospital, the paediatric ward of the University Hospital of Tenerife and the Hospital Nuestra Señora de Candelaria have been remodelled. The Pequeño Valiente Trust has been awarded several times as recognition to the great work they do to improve, as far as possible, sick children’ life quality.

In Dunas Hotels & Resorts we couldn’t agree more with the work’s philosophy of "Pequeño Valiente"; what they do, and the objectives for which they fight. We are certain, that children are the future and that their smiles can achieve greatness. In Dunas Hotels & Resorts we are convinced that, no matter how small, any contribution is, it is always very welcome by "Pequeño Valiente" and, well invested as well. That's why we encourage you to join us, and share with us the gratitude we feel for being part of such beautiful life project.