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StartNewsDiscover the natural parks and protected spaces in Gran Canaria

Discover the natural parks and protected spaces in Gran Canaria

14 May 2024

 Visit the most popular natural parks on Gran Canaria.

Although Gran Canaria doesn’t have National Parks per se, it has several protected natural areas that are highly appreciated due to their ecological and scenic value. These areas offer visitors a variety of options for enjoying nature in its purest state.

In this article, we’ll show you the most famous natural parks and protected spaces in Gran Canaria.

Natural parks not to be missed

Tourists can visit many natural parks in Gran Canaria, making it difficult to choose which one to visit. We’ve created a list of the five best natural parks in Gran Canaria that visitors should consider exploring during their stay on this beautiful island.

1. Tamadaba Natural Park

Tamadaba Natural Park, located in Agaete, Gran Canaria, is a marvel of natural beauty and biodiversity. Its 7,500 hectares stretch from the towering peaks to the desolate coastline, all in a Unesco-recognised Biosphere Reserve. 

It’s easily accessible by car from Artenara and offers numerous opportunities to enjoy nature. From picnics under the ancient pines of Llanos de La Mimbre to admiring the breathtaking views from the peak of La Bandera. 

Impressive viewpoints such as El Balcón, where the coastal cliffs can be seen, are also accessible via the GC-200 road. Those looking to relax with nature and enjoy spectacular scenery will find this park ideal.

2. Pilancones Natural Park

This area, located in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, plays a significant role in soil preservation and aquifer replenishment due to its characteristics, and crosses several ravines of great geomorphological importance and scenic beauty that run southwards. 

The pine forest on its summits is an environment in an excellent state of conservation with abundant bird populations, which has led to it being an EU special protection area for birds. 

This also applies to some cardinal and tabaibal habitats, as well as some aquatic habitats. Threatened species of fauna and flora and features of scientific interest are distributed throughout the site.

3. Roque Nublo Natural Park

In Artenara, Gran Canaria, is the imposing Roque Nublo, a volcanic rock 80 metres above sea level and 1,813 metres above sea level, considered one of the largest on the planet. 

Its past as a place of aboriginal worship led it to be protected as a natural space in 1987 and later as a rural park. From the main road, it can be accessed via a 1.5 kilometre route that offers panoramic views of the Tejeda caldera, the Llanos de la Pez and the Pozo de las Nieves

Along the route you can visit other interesting places, such as the rocks of La Rana and El Fraile, which are characteristic of the landscape of Gran Canaria.

4. Maspalomas Dunes Special Nature Reserve

The Maspalomas Dunes, located in Maspalomas, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, are a nature reserve protected by the Government of the Canary Islands which stands out for its unique beauty and the variety of ecosystems it contains. This place covers an area of 400 hectares and has an impressive beach, organic sand dunes, a forest of leafy palm trees and a brackish lagoon. 

These dunes are located in the southern part of Gran Canaria, close to the Dunas hotels in Maspalomas, located close to the beach and a wide variety of leisure facilities. To explore this spot, it’s recommended to visit the information centre and viewpoint located near the Cita shopping centre in the north-eastern sector of Maspalomas.

From there, you can follow a path with the number 3 branch road that crosses the various dunes to the wide beach of Maspalomas, where you can contemplate the wildlife in the Charca and enjoy the shade of the Palm Grove.

5. Bandama Natural Park

The Bandama Natural Park, located in Tafira, Gran Canaria, is a striking presence from Gran Canaria's geological past. Located in the northeast of the island, just a 20-minute drive from the centre of Las Palmas, it features a caldera one kilometre in diameter, created by explosions of fiery underground water millions of years ago.

Inside, there are vast deposits of volcanic ash and forests of indigenous trees, while on the rim rises the majestic Bandama peak, which offers the best views of the island at 575 metres high

Trails allow you to explore the caldera, revealing ancient storage caves, grape presses and houses with centuries of history.

Nature, charm, and tranquillity

In conclusion, the natural parks of Gran Canaria offer a wide range of landscapes and experiences for those who enjoy nature. Each park has its own charm and value, from the majesty of Roque Nublo to the exceptional beauty of the Maspalomas Dunes. Visitors have the opportunity to explore these protected areas and immerse themselves in the geological history and biodiversity of the island.

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