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StartNewsKitesurfing in Gran Canaria: Gliding over the water

Kitesurfing in Gran Canaria: Gliding over the water

16 Aug 2022

Discover where to kitesurf on Gran Canaria.

Water sports in Gran Canaria are available almost all year round, thanks to the magnificent temperatures, the marvellous beaches that bathe the island from coast to coast and the waters that combine tranquillity with the adrenaline of the waves. Amongst all the water sports, a new trend is emerging: Kitesurfing in Gran Canaria.

Kitesurfing and Gran Canaria are made for each other: An idyll that begins with the trade winds and continues with places made almost exclusively for its practice.

Today we bring you all about kitesurfing and where you can enjoy this new and fascinating water sport in Gran Canaria.

What is Kitesurfing?

man kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is one of the newest and most popular water sports of the moment. It’s an extreme sport, which will test your skills and provides high doses of adrenaline. The combination of both is what makes this sport so interesting.

It basically consists of a type of sailing that is carried out on a board, pulled by a kite and carried by the wind.

With this combination, you can reach great speeds across the water and for the most daring and expert, you can perform spectacular jumps in the air.

Where to kitesurf in Gran Canaria

woman kitesurfing

If you’re on holiday in Gran Canaria, you’re passionate about water sports, and you want to try this sport, you’ve come to the right place to try kitesurfing.

In the following lines, you’ll discover the best places to practice kitesurfing in Gran Canaria and live great adventures.

1. Playa de las Canteras

On the most emblematic beach of the island. In Las Palmas, you can’t only enjoy the sun and other water sports such as snorkelling or surfing, but you can also practice kitesurfing.

Las Canteras is an ideal place for all those who want to enjoy a unique environment, in the middle of the city and get started in this sport, as the wind that blows in the area, is suitable for sailing the seas and getting used to the board.

2. Pozo Izquierdo

Without a doubt, Pozo Izquierdo is the cradle of extreme water sports, not only in the Canary Islands, but in the whole world.

As well as windsurfing and bodyboarding, this is the ideal beach to enjoy a total kitesurfing experience.

Gliding over the waters of Pozo Izquierdo is one of the experiences that, as a lover of this type of sport, you cannot miss.

3. Maspalomas

The beach par excellence in the south of the island. A place where you can spend a pleasant day at the beach, stroll along its dunes or practice water sports.

This is possible thanks to the trade winds that blow on the beach and make kitesurfing possible.

4. El Burrero

This is perhaps the least known of the four beaches mentioned in this article. Playa del Burrero, located a few kilometres from Pozo Izquierdo, is another of the places where kitesurfing is practised in Gran Canaria.

It stands out for the same reason as Pozo Izquierdo, for its winds and for being a beach completely open to the sea, so you can fully enjoy the sensation of flying over the waters.

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