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StartNewsCanyoning in Gran Canaria, a different way to get to know the island

Canyoning in Gran Canaria, a different way to get to know the island

24 Feb 2022

Discover Gran Canaria while feeling an adrenaline rush.

Many people look forward to their holidays to rest and disconnect. Others prefer active tourism and adventures while exploring natural areas. Whether you’re one or the other type of visitor, Gran Canaria is the best setting for both.

If you’ve decided to come to the island and enjoy nature to the fullest, you won't want to stop. Its climate allows you to enjoy any outdoor activity all year round, thanks to its pleasant temperatures, with an annual average of 24 degrees Celsius with almost no variations.

Kayaking, fishing, diving, mountain biking, surfing, windsurfing, trekking and, of course, canyoning in Gran Canaria are just some outdoor activities you can do on the island.

What is canyoning

Canyoning consists of going down a canyon following the course of the water, always with an expert guide who guarantees the safety of the activity.

Imagine yourself going deep into the ravines of Gran Canaria. Your harness tightly fastened, your feet firmly on the slope… The descent begins. The adrenaline rushes through your body and the water splashes everywhere.

It’s a unique sensation that encourages you to enjoy the moment and makes you feel small in front of the high walls of the island's canyons. In addition, the isolation and silence will take your breath away.

The only thing that matters is the here and now. Taking one step after another without stopping. Metres and metres separate us from the ground, and we feel more alive than ever. We’ll see first-hand the action of the erosion that has taken thousands of years to excavate the ravines.

Techniques of canyoning in Gran Canaria

There are various techniques to be used by the participants to complete the canyoning descent:

  • Walking: it is recommended to walk outside the water course to avoid excessive physical wear and tear and to protect the fauna and flora.

  • Bouldering: descent of steep areas, using feet and hands, which are not completely vertical or small ledges where it is not necessary to use a rope, and it is not possible to jump.

  • Climbing: sometimes it is necessary to make small climbs to continue progress or to reach areas from which to continue the descent.

  • Handling: horizontal progression with a rope on a vertical wall to avoid an insurmountable obstacle.

  • Abseiling: progression technique consisting of descending a vertical wall with a rope and a descender anchored to the harness.

  • Swimming: where there is a minimum depth of water for swimming rather than walking.

  • Sliding: free descent without a rope down a stone ramp polished by water to reach a pool of water.

  • Jumping: to bridge the gap in the watercourse or ledge with a jump into a pool of water.

  • Bridging: guided descent with a rope or cable to overcome an obstacle on the route.

How to go canyoning in Gran Canaria

The island is full of endless ravines to choose from for this activity, but the best thing to do is to contact specialized companies who know which are the best and the best time of year to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

They’ll provide you with all the necessary equipment. In any case, we advise you to bring 1 litre of water per person, some food such as nuts and dried fruit to give you energy, a swimming costume, sun cream and, above all, a lot of enthusiasm!

In Gran Canaria you can practise this sport at almost any time of the year, although after the rains the canyons will be wetter and more rewarding. Perhaps the most recommendable time of year is from the 1st of September to the 30th of June.

Of course, you don't have to worry about the permits you need to apply for, as the specialized companies will take care of this.

Where to go canyoning in Gran Canaria

The island, with its peculiar round shape, has an infinite number of ravines that start in the centre of the island. Some of the most popular canyoning routes are the following:

  • Barranco de Azuaje

  • Barranco de la Mina

  • Barranco de los Cernícalos

  • Barranco del Cofre

  • Barranco del Mulato

  • Caidero de Soria

Where to stay for canyoning in southern Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a magnificent sporting destination for those who want to practice outdoor sports at any time of the year, enjoying its spectacular volcanic landscapes, its unequalled gastronomy and the numerous sporting possibilities it offers.

Dunas Hotels & Resorts continues to show its total commitment to sports lovers in Gran Canaria thanks to the best sports hotels on the island, perfectly suited to the practice of sport.

On the one hand, Don Gregory by Dunas is an authentic corner of peace for adults only, where you can relax in front of the ocean, listen to the swaying of the waves and live in the moment. If we add to this its soundproofed rooms and access to the spa, we have one of the most special places to rest after a long day of canyoning.

On the other hand, both the Suites & Villas by Dunas and the Maspalomas Resort by Dunas are two interconnected horizontal hotels focused, among other aspects, on sport and physical activity. In fact, their design is designed for lovers of active tourism, especially for those who take part in competitions or events and need to be always ready for them.

Whatever the case, the best thing about canyoning in Gran Canaria is that there are an infinite number of options to choose from and a wonderful range of professionals who will guide you at all times. If you add to this the hotels specially designed for relaxation after an intense day of sport, success is guaranteed.