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StartNews5 best coves in Gran Canaria

5 best coves in Gran Canaria

18 Feb 2019

Discover the best coves in Gran Canaria, beautiful virgin beaches full of privacy that make all visitors who come to the island enjoy the peace and serenity breathed in each of these points where the sea, purity and sand will be the ones that’ll give you a superb day of sunshine.

One of the great attractions of the island is its diversity of climates, which means that each of these coves is different from the other. Therefore, they enjoy different microclimates that make their conditions very varied.

The beauty of these places is a great reason to spend a vacation day. We know that the most famous beaches are those located in the south. However, these coves located in northern Gran Canaria are an excellent way to enjoy the island ina different way.

It was with the arrival of the Internet and the accessibility of information when many of these beautiful and small coves were discovered. These places were only frequented by locals in the area, but today represent a focus of attraction for tourism that enjoys the simplicity and humility of the coves of Gran Canaria.

coves in gran canaria

What's so special about the coves in Gran Canaria?

The island has some characteristics that make its coves impressive places to spend an incredible day.

A climate of eternal spring

The chance of finding sunny days in Gran Canaria is more than 90%, which is about 300 days of sunshine a year with temperatures range between 20 and 24 degrees. No matter what day it is, you will enjoy a spring or summer climate in extraordinary coves.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

The Canarian archipelago lies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with clean and purifying waters. Taking a bath in this ocean is incredibly refreshing. Proof of that is that the sea breeze at any beachfront hotel will make you feel well at every moment of the day.

Nature is always present

Another attractive of the coves of Gran Canaria is the coexistence between the traditionality of the towns that surround them. Calm rural fishing districts that shelter these small corners of sand, stones and crystalline waters, ideal to escape from the routine and to enjoy a day wrapped in the tranquility of these localities.

Coves in Gran Canaria: paradise on the coast

Next we are going to make a small list of 5 coves of Gran Canaria with easy access and full of purity that will give your holidays a plus of nature for every day on the beach.


A beach of golden sand and crystal clear waters located in the excellent municipality of Telde on the east coast of Gran Canaria. Aguadulce is one of the locals favorite beaches, as it enjoys a privileged climate for much of the year. Undoubtedly, one of the best coves on the island that will give you an amazing day at the beach between its calm waters and its soft sand.

best coves in gran canaria


Guayedra beach is located in Agaete, a town in the north of Gran Canaria, where clear waters, stones and volcanic sand are the main characters of this impressive cove that will make you enjoy a quiet day on the beach.


One of the divers favorite coves, where diving courses and diving baptisms take place thanks to its crystal clear and calm waters. You can enjoy an excellent day at the beach in a fishing village like Tufia.

coves gran canaria

San Felipe

Located in the northern municipality of Santa María de Guía, this beautiful place of stones and sand deserves to be on the list of best coves in Gran Canaria, not only because of the quality of the place, but also for the beautiful walk through the small avenue that will allow you to get to know the coast of Santa María de Guía. A very quiet beach that is also one of the best for surfing in Gran Canaria.

Sardina del Norte

One of the jewels of northern Gran Canaria is located in the municipality of Gáldar. Thanks to its black sand and calm, crystal-clear waters is a great place to spend the day enjoying the northern coast of the island and its mixture of rock and sand. Without a doubt one of the best coves of Gran Canaria.

best coves gran canaria

Hotels to enjoy the best coves of Gran Canaria

Although most of these impressive coves are located in the north-east and north-west of the island, the best hotels to enjoy a holiday in Gran Canaria are in the south.

Accessing these incredible places from areas such as Maspalomas or San Agustín is as simple as going to the GC-1 motorway and driving for less than an hour.

Our hotel recommendations are:

Don Gregory by Dunas

Is an adults only hotel ideal for a relaxing holiday thanks to its Nordic style that will make you enjoy the calm of a like San Agustín. You will enjoy services designed for relaxation such as spa, infinity pool or solarium along with an extraordinary selection of excellent products for your well-being and comfort. One of the best beachfront hotels in Gran Canaria.

Maspalomas Resort by Dunas and Suites & Villas by Dunas

These are an incredible option to enjoy a family vacation experiencing the privacy and charm of a village next to a paradise such as the Dunes of Maspalomas, thanks to cozy rooms provided with everything you need to have an excellent vacation.

Mirador Maspalomas by Dunas

This hotel is one of the best all-inclusive hotels in the south of Gran Canaria, ideal for a dynamic and fun holiday and full of animation for the little ones with its mascot Duni. It also has free transport to the Maspalomas beach and easy access to the main motorway to get to know the whole island.

There is no better plan than staying in these hotels to get to know the best coves in Gran Canaria, authentic virgin paradises that are waiting for you to experience incredible sensations.