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5 Days in Gran Canaria

14 Jan 2019

This island is an amazing place to enjoy life thanks to its wonderful weather and infrastructures that ensure comfort to every one that visit it. Therefore, if you’re thinking of coming on holiday, we present you the best way to enjoy your 5 days in Gran Canaria to the maximum.

In spite of being an island, Gran Canaria, also known as the “miniature continent”, has lots of interesting places worth visiting on your holidays. Still, we know lack of time in many cases it’s an issue and that’s the reason we recommend visiting those places that perfectly sum up the feelings transmitted by such an incredible paradise as Gran Canaria.

Maspalomas Dunes, a beautiful golden sea

things to see in gran canaria in 5 days

The Maspalomas Dunes is a unique wild place in Gran Canaria for its beauty and range of ecosystems. Its 400 hectares, protected by the Canarian government as a Nature Reserve of special value, include a fantastic beach, a dynamic sand dune system, palm grove and a brackish lagoon with its abundant wildlife.

This mix of desert and oasis is at the southern tip of Gran Canaria is also known for its old Lighthouse, which saw the first tourists arrive, and witnessed the area turn into a holiday heaven. Ever since it dawned on the first travellers that the warm temperatures were no fluke on this endless beach, the Maspalomas Lighthouse has been the silent witness to thousands of days of sun, honeymoons, dips in the sea and strolls along the promenade.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the city with the purest air in the world

Another must for your 5 days in Gran Canaria is the capital of the island, a place where modernity meets tradition and history. Declared the city with the best climate and purest air in the world, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria guards a beautiful old quarter with the impressive Cathedral of Santa Ana, located in the very middle of the historical neighborhood of Vegueta, known for its cobblestone streets.

You will also find the famous beach of Las Canteras. With more than 4 kilometers long, is integrated into the city and represents the favorite summer place from many families in the capital. Alfredo Kraus Auditorium presides over the Las Canteras from one of its extremes and main music concerts and international congresses are held in it.

An amazing city with amazing places to eat, to go shopping or to party… all of them surrounded by culture, good weather and interesting places that will make your visit to the capital an unparalleled experience.

Visit Roque Nublo, the island’s giant

Roque Nublo is the geological wonder and emblem of Gran Canaria that invites you to join it in reaching up to the sky. This enormous rock stands as one of the highest points of the island, precisely where its geographical center is located.

Therefore, is a visit you can’t miss in your 5 days in Gran Canaria. Furthermore, is placed near one of the most picturesque villages in Spain, the town of Tejeda, surrounded by numerous hiking routes ideal to share with the family while enjoying nature and breathing pure air.

Agaete, a town to feel the calm

The fishing village of Agaete is one of the most beautiful places in northern Gran Canaria. Opened to the Atlantic Ocean, it offers its visitors a contrast of landscapes where sea and green valleys meet.

The jewel of northern Gran Canaria counts with fascinating natural swimming pools to enjoy a different beach day on the island and, in addition, has one of the most beautiful countryside in the island.

It also offers an excellent climate and nicely warm temperatures that allow the production of the only coffee in Europe. Puerto de las Nieves has a fabulous gastronomic offer for fish and seafood lovers.

Puerto de Mogán, Atlantic’s “little Venice”

A tempting crescent of sandy beach and, next to it, a busy little yacht harbour and fishing port. Puerto de Mogán, although now largely given over to the tourist trade, is light years from its garish counterparts to the east. Thankfully, even the recent construction inland is more aesthetically pleasing than in other resorts along this coast.

A mandatory visit in your 5 days in Gran Canaria is getting to know the “little Venice”. Its architecture and bridged waterways are as pretty as a chocolate box, and the whole place exudes an air of opulence and charm. In the heart of the port, low-rise apartments have wrought-iron balconies, brightly coloured trim and are covered in dazzling bougainvillea.

Best hotels to enjoy Gran Canaria

what to see in gran canaria in 5 days

Living the experience of a holiday visiting the best places in Gran Canaria is not the same if you don’t choose a quality hotel. That’s why we are going to propose 4 amazing hotels that fit all your needs.

Mirador Maspalomas

Made for those who want to enjoy a pleasant and active holiday visiting all the hidden spots on the island, Mirador Maspalomas is an ideal option for all those who want to make the most of all the adventures and sensations in their holidays.

Located very close to the most touristic places in southern Gran Canaria, its extraordinary and comfortable rooms are a must for sportsmen and young people looking for a holiday full of sensations knowing the island to the fullest.

Don Gregory

Find the calm and rest you needed in this stunning adults-only hotel with excellent sea views and a Nordic style with spacious rooms. Don Gregory has a Wellness Center and a relaxing Spa service that will elevate you to another state of mind, thanks to the therapies given by true professionals that only use first quality and exotic products.

Your 5 days in Gran Canaria won’t be the same in this hotel located next to the beach of San Agustín, you’ll have a world of sensations a minute from the beach. Find the relax you’re looking for on your vacation while enjoying an island that hides amazing spots.

Suites & Villas

Next to a paradise like the Maspalomas Dunes Natural Reserve, its impressive villas and its excellent suites will give you everything you need for your holidays. One of the best hotels in Gran Canaria thanks to its more than complete rooms, provided with the best features to ensure a total autonomy in the period of your vacation.

Suites & Villas offers you a relaxing spa and body care services using quality products such as macadamia oil, thermal chocolate cream or sweet almond, ideal for your skin.

Maspalomas Resort

All the tranquillity of Maspalomas Resort bungalows’ will bring you all the privacy you want for your holidays. Ideal for those who travel in family and to get a well deserved rest with some unique features to finish a day in Gran Canaria full of experiences. This excellent hotel is made to enjoy the best of the island: the climate and rest.

Its excellent rooms will bring you all the services you need to make you feel at home, as they are integrated between lush and relaxing gardens that will allow you to enjoy peaceful walks.

This is our list of recommendations for your 5 days in Gran Canaria, and island that will captivate you at first sight for its amazing climate, landscapes, gastronomy, culture and much more.