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If you come to visit Gran Canaria in October, November or December, we suggest you take a day trip to the inland area of the island. From Dunas Hotels & Resorts, you can start an enjoyable car journey along a very pleasant road which will not only take you to the destination, but that will show you the most authentic side of the island. After little more than an hour, you will arrive to Finca de Osorio, a place that probably you had never heard about before.

This is the perfect place to unwind, to escape from the noise, the lights, and tourists, etc. All those things which surrounds holiday places when we are travelling. This is the ideal place to connect with Mother Nature and learn from her.

Whoever has ever visited La Finca de Osorio, whether they were locals or tourists, have surely kept a whole bunch of really good memories of the place. It is one of those spaces that will always remain within your memory. It is very different to any of the things any of us are used to. The island of Gran Canaria has many areas of living nature, spectacular canyons, trails, gardens ... But Osorio has something special in it; probably because even when you are at its very entrance doorsteps you won’t be expecting the world you are about to enter.

Nature at Finca de Osorio

It is a magical and unknown hidden place, with a small laurel forest, chestnut tree framed paths, and a rich variety of flora and fauna. Its beginnings were those of a large private home and potato farm; nowadays, it is Teror’s natural area par excellence, part of the Doramas Rural Park (a key area during before the conquest of the island) and one of the most important forests of the island.

The house is of traditional Canarian style with a newer English style extension. It is located in the centre of the estate and occupies a thousand square meters. It is surrounded by the mystery of its forest’ shadows.

Apart from the main household, Osorio has some other houses where the estate farmers live. One of the great attractions for the little ones who visit Finca de Osoriois the black canary pigs’ shed and the picnic area which makes this Villa an even more special place to spend a family day out.

The estate has a huge and romantic garden with a variety of flora (including some from Australia) and along its paths there are different types of European and South American trees.

If you’d like to join this plan for the upcoming holidays in Gran Canaria, note that you must book in advance (Phone: +34 928 219 229). It only costs €10 per person per day and this includes food service in the house (Nature Classroom).