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StartNewsA Kayak Route to discover the landscapes of Gran Canaria

A Kayak Route to discover the landscapes of Gran Canaria

14 Feb 2018

Gran Canaria is an island with a lot to offer to its visitors. There are many leisure options on the island, both inland and on the coast.

Many of those who come to spend their holidays at Dunas Hotels & Resorts come seeking to practice sports and water activities. They want to enjoy the climate of Gran Canaria, the ocean, its waves, its wind, and its calmness too.

The natural richness of Gran Canaria, makes it an ideal place to practice many leisure activities in contact with Nature. One of those activities is the kayak. Kayaks are very stable small boats on which you can go sailing to explore the coast and its most secret corners.

Going on kayak routes is very popular on the island. It is time to enjoy and time to discover innermost places that would not otherwise be possible to get to. It is one of the activities that most visitors enjoy.

Kayak route in Mogán

The kayak routes allow you to discover and enjoy many sea experiences that otherwise would not be possible, such as visiting the caves and cliffs of the beaches of Taurito and Mogán. Experience cruising part of the Atlantic Ocean by yourself and enjoy the stunning landscapes hidden from a mainland view.

The kayak routes allow us to combine adventure sport with the discovery of new landscapes. A practice to enjoy and learn. It does not matter if you have never practiced this sport. There will always be someone to guide you in the first steps and provide basic knowledge to ensure you get where you really want to go.

Kayaking route at Las Canteras Beach

Another of the kayak routes you should join in Gran Canaria is at Las Canteras beach, since it is a unique place and a unique setting. Perfect to enjoy on board a kayak. It is a great way to enjoy the sea. Taking a kayak trip along the waters and coasts of Gran Canaria as a stage will be a dream day for you.

Suggestions to kayak route in Gran Canaria

If you’d like to be the captain of your own journey, go on a kayak route in the purest adventurous style. It is suitable for all ages, from five year olds onwards. It is the perfect plan to enjoy with your family. There are also double kayaks, so the plan can be even more fun.

If you are coming to Dunas Hotels & Resorts, and you’d like to enjoy some unique relaxing and exciting adventures, go on a kayak route.

If you require further information or would like to book your kayak route, here are some companies we can recommend:

Alisio Environmental Activities
Phone +34 616072687