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Hiking Routes in the south of Gran Canaria

07 May 2018

In previous posts, we have already suggested some hiking plans around different areas of the island of Gran Canaria; since there are some stunning places on the island which can only be discovered via hiking trails. So, if what you crave for is discovering the beautiful south of Gran Canaria hiking, while staying at Dunas Hotels & Resorts you should try these routes! Today, we are going to propose three hiking routes in the municipality of Mogán, south of Gran Canaria. Enjoy them!

This hiking routes will show you the beautiful inland area of Mogán. Located in the south of the island, very close to the Dunas Hotels & Resorts, this municipality has both coast and mountain tops.

Hiking route in Mogán, southern Gran Canaria: Veneguera - Cruz de Mogán

This is an 8-kilometre route approx., which takes about 3:30 hours, with a low-moderate difficulty level.

The route begins at La Degollada de Tasarte, on the C-810 road. In the first section, you’ll discover the interesting traditional houses of the Canary Islands, they sit among palm trees, there is an ancient bakery in very good condition, and you’ll also hike by a volcanic dam.

The second part of the route goes from Casas de Veneguera to Cruz de Mogán. Along this stretch of the route, you’ll discover palm trees, cactus and eucalyptus, as well as a zone of ​​fruit farms, very popular in the area, where they grow mangos, papayas and figs.

Hiking route in Mogán, southern Gran Canaria: Tauro - La Solana

This one, is a route of almost 12 kilometres, high difficulty level, therefore, it is only recommended for experienced hikers. The estimated duration of the route is 7:00 hours.

The hiking trail starts on the road from Ayacata to Barranquillo Andrés or from the Barranco de Mogán to Albarianes. The path takes to the Degollada de Las Lapas and from there to Los Llanos de Gamona. From there on, it goes to Las Casas de Tauro and to the final stretch: Degollada de Cortadores - La Solana.

Along the route you will discover a great variety of flora such as pine trees, eucalyptus, tabaibas, canes, lavenders, thyme and cactus.

Hiking trail in Mogán, southern Gran Canaria: La Solana - Los Roques

The third hiking route we suggest in the south of Gran Canaria, starts on the road which connects Arguineguín with Cercados de Espino. From here, it goes by the fruit farm La Solana, on the left-hand side of the trail and up to La Degollada de Cortadores.

From La Degollada de Cortadores, the route continues up to the Gurbia gorge, descending through the raving called El Barranco de los Roques.

On the Turismo de Mogán Website, you’ll be able to get all the details of these three routes, as well as an altitude guide and maps which will be very handy on your hiking journey.

Before hiking any route, please, follow the general safety recommendations: take the weather forecast into account, wear appropriate footwear and clothing as well as sun protection, water and some food. In case of a heat wave, no hiking route should be taken on the island of Gran Canaria.

If you are a hiker and you want to take advantage of your holidays in Dunas Hotels & Resorts going hiking in the south of Gran Canaria, we look forward to your reviews on the routes we have just proposed to you.