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StartNewsDunas Hotels & Resorts is suitable for those diagnosed with Celiac Disease!

Dunas Hotels & Resorts is suitable for those diagnosed with Celiac Disease!

11 Apr 2017

Some years ago, people suffering from gluten intolerance or gluten allergy (celiac disorder) had to invest much time making their meals at home as well as being extremely careful when eating out: back in those days, it was very rare to find restaurants which took gluten-free menu dishes into account. Nowadays, there are many people who have been diagnosed with celiac disorders, and so, Dunas Hotels & Resorts pays an extreme care and attention, when previously advised that a client of ours suffers from gluten intolerances.

Directly or indirectly, gluten can be found in many products. This set of proteins are found in wheat, oats, barley etc., as well as in many products derived from these cereals. Nowadays, science has dedicated much time to study Celiac Disease so there are many more specific gluten-free products than before.

Despite the fact that this disorders can be easily controlled by a correct diet, some of those who suffer from gluten intolerance, face some worries when travelling, as they do not know if the place where they’ll be staying will offer them the proper options for their daily meals. At Dunas Hotels & Resorts our guests wellbeing comes first, so please if you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, let us know ASAP and we shall prepare a range of menus for you to enjoy your holidays like anyone else in our hotels. One of our priorities is offering a varied cuisine to all our customers, including all those who have special needs. One of our strengths is the daily preparation of a great variety of dishes, with quality products and taking into account the particularities of our guests.

Although in the beginning those who have gluten intolerance may have felt is complicated, there are many products that can be consumed by celiac disease sufferers, such as fresh meat, poultry, fish, dairy, some specific frozen or packaged products, certain grains and cereals (corn semolina, rice flakes, wholemeal rice), and also some seasoning from our traditional cooking. It is in our company’s commitment to adapt our services and offer to the needs of all our guests in order to improve our quality and standards each and every day.

If you or any of your travel companions suffer from celiac disease, please be at ease with us. Our hotels are fully prepared and ready to welcome all our guests who must have a gluten-free menu. All you have to do is notifying at our reception desks your precise food intolerance on your arrival and the whole Dunas Hotels & Resorts team -kitchen team particularly – will be delighted to give you all the requirements you need.

Our kitchen team will prepare a gluten-free menu with the nutrients you need so you can enjoy the same quality holidays as any other guest. They will prepare a balanced and varied diet, so that eating at Dunas Hotels & Resort won’t ever be a problem or a concern but a real pleasure.