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StartNewsArco del Coronadero: A Natural Wonder of Gran Canaria

Arco del Coronadero: A Natural Wonder of Gran Canaria

26 Oct 2023

Discover a unique rock formation.

The Arco del Coronadero is an impressive natural arch located in Barranco Hondo, in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, on the island of Gran Canaria.

This rock formation, which resembles a natural bridge, is an impressive spectacle that deserves the attention of all nature lovers and travellers looking for unique experiences on the island.

From Dunas Hotels & Resorts, we invite you to discover one of the island's lesser-known natural monuments. A geological spectacle not to be missed during your next holiday in Gran Canaria.


Origin and formation

This majestic double arch, located in the south of the island, has been shaped over millions of years by the relentless action of water and wind erosion on the volcanic rocks of the region. 


The rocks that make up the arch are of the phonolitic type, characterised by their distinctive dark green colour. Over time, erosion has sculpted these rocks, giving rise to the arch and other notable rock formations in the area.


Hiking route to the Arco del Coronadero Arch

Discovering and enjoying this natural wonder requires a special effort. To get to the arch, you have to follow a short hiking route that is divided into two paths: along the crossing of the ravine or along the upper part of the ravine.


On the way up, you can enjoy spectacular views of the whole of Barranco Hondo from the top, and on the way back, you can contemplate the natural spectacle of the rock canyons that rise up at the top.


These views are an example of what the Amurga ramps hide, located between the Tirajana and Fataga ravines, an extension of more than 5,000 hectares that makes it almost impossible to get to know all the flora and fauna that the area has to offer.

The starting point is in the village of Juan Grande, 5 km from the Arco del Coronadero. The trail begins next to the aggregate crusher.


We recommend that you park your car nearby, preferably in the dirt area on the side of the road, just before crossing the fence that gives access to the crusher.


Important note: this area is the main entrance and exit road to the crusher, so it’s vitally important to exercise extreme caution.


At the beginning of the route, you’ll find that it isn’t at all attractive in terms of scenery. You will leave the arid, flat and desolate landscapes behind, and as the trail progresses, the scenery becomes more attractive to the eye.


When you reach the area around the arch, you’ll leave the path on the right-hand side to reach the exact location.


Once you have enjoyed the beautiful scenery, taken some memorable photos, had a drink and something to eat, you can start your way back along the same path you came up, leaving the arch behind you.


From here, you’ll have to look for the path that’ll take you to the bottom of the ravine. This descent is marked out on the terrain, but depending on weather conditions such as wind or water, or human traffic, it may be modified.


We must warn you that the slope in this part of the route is steep, so there’s a certain amount of danger, and we must be very careful not to trip and fall. Once this part of the route is over, we’ll reach the bed of the ravine and the return to the starting point won’t be lost.


Once you’ve completed the route, not only will you’ve discovered the Arco del Coronadero, but you’ll also have the added bonus of having walked through the Barranco Hondo itself, one of the longest and widest ravines in Gran Canaria.


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Don't think twice and come and explore this unique natural heritage that’s the Arco del Coronadero with Dunas Hotels & Resorts!