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StartNewsPlaya de Amadores: a paradisiacal beach in Gran Canaria

Playa de Amadores: a paradisiacal beach in Gran Canaria

23 Jun 2023

A guide to the heavenly oasis of Gran Canaria's Amadores Beach.

The Canary Islands are known for their stunning beaches with golden sand, crystal clear waters and a wide variety of water activities.

With an average temperature of 22 degrees all year round and plenty of sunshine, the beaches of the Canary Islands are the perfect place for those looking to relax, enjoy water sports or simply soak up the sun.

The island of Gran Canaria has a wide variety of beaches with different characteristics. From urban beaches with a wide range of services to quiet beaches surrounded by nature, there’s a beach for everyone in Gran Canaria.

The most popular beaches on the island of Gran Canaria are Las Canteras, Playa del Inglés, Puerto Rico or Amadores, among others. In this article, we’re going to talk about a disabled-friendly beach close to Puerto Rico: Amadores.

Amadores: the beach with calm waters

Playa de Amadores is a beautiful beach located on the south coast of Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands in Spain. It’s an artificial beach created in the 1980s, with white sand imported from Africa and with crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Amadores is very popular with tourists due to its scenic beauty and a big offer of water activities and sports. The weather on the beach is warm and sunny all year round, allowing visitors to enjoy the sun and sea all day long.

The beach has several facilities such as umbrellas, sun loungers, showers and public toilets. There are also restaurants and bars along the beach, where visitors can enjoy delicious local food and drinks.

As well as enjoying the sun and sea, you can also enjoy the wide variety of water activities, such as water-skiing, parasailing, snorkelling, windsurfing and kayaking.

Where to eat in Amadores

On Amadores beach, there are several restaurants and bars offering a wide variety of delicious dining options.

Here are some recommendations of where to eat in Amadores:

Las Caracolas de Amadores

Las Caracolas restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants on Amadores beach in Gran Canaria. This Mediterranean restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes that combine local and exotic flavours.

Highlights of the menu include octopus carpaccio, grilled sea bream, rice with seafood, and beef tenderloin. There’s also a wide selection of Spanish and international wines to accompany the food.

It’s a restaurant highly regarded by visitors, due to its excellent quality food, efficient and friendly service, and unforgettable atmosphere. 

Ciao Ciao Amadores

The Ciao Ciao restaurant is one of the most popular places on Amadores beach in Gran Canaria. This Italian restaurant is known for its authentic oven-baked pizza and freshly made pasta. There’s also a wide selection of seafood dishes, vegetarian food and salads.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxed and welcoming, with a modern interior, a large outdoor terrace and sea views. The atmosphere is informal and family friendly, making it perfect for friends and family.

Max Pizzeria Italian Restaurant

Max Pizzeria Italian Restaurant is an authentic Italian restaurant located on the beach of Amadores in Gran Canaria. It’s known for its delicious pizzas, which are cooked in a wood-fired oven, and its wide variety of pastas.

Highlights of the menu include thin-crust pizzas with fresh ingredients and pasta with different sauces, from the classic Bolognese sauce to truffle sauce. 

It’s popular with tourists and locals alike due to its excellent Italian food, reasonable prices, and friendly and efficient service.

What to do in Amadores

Thanks to the wide expanse of Amadores beach, you can do everything from sunbathing to water sports.

Sunbathing: Amadores beach is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sun. There are also sun loungers and umbrellas available for hire if you want a little protection from the sun.

Swimming and snorkelling: The calm waters of Amadores beach make it a perfect place for swimming. It’s also a good place to snorkel and see the rich marine life in the area.

Water sports: Amadores beach is a popular place for water sports such as parasailing, water skiing… you can also rent a banana boat or an inflatable donut. Perfect for families or friends!

Stroll along the promenade: Amadores beach has a beautiful promenade that runs along the entire length of the beach, perfect for a leisurely stroll while enjoying the sea views.

Amadores Fun Park: This is a water park with inflatable mats where you can enjoy jumping on the mats and have a fun day out.

In short, there are many things to do on Amadores beach, from relaxing and enjoying the sun to practising exciting water sports.

Enjoy your holidays at Playa de Amadores

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