Pleasure on the table

They say two of the greatest pleasures of life are eating and drinking. In our hotels, we specialize in all-inclusive, so you don’t need to worry about anything but making the most of your well-deserved holidays.

Hotel Dunas Mirador Pareja Bar Piscina

Pool Bar

A cheeseburger with bacon? A nice salad? A freshly baked pizza? ... Your wish is our command, and at the pool bar we have many of your favourite dishes.

 Open 10:00 h - 18:00 h:
Á la carte lunch  13:00 - 16:00 h Ice-cream: 10:00-20:00 h
Cold snacks: 17:00 -18:00 h Hot snacks: 11:00 -16:00 h Café, té, tarta: 16:00 - 17:00 h
Hotel Dunas Mirador Restaurante

Buffet restaurant

We want you to feel the pleasure to start the day with a superb breakfast, while planning and charging energy for all you do afterwards. A full buffet of quality ingredients for you to enjoy your favourite dishes.

Breakfast 08:00 h - 10:30 h Dinner (summer):1º turn 18:30 h - 20:30 h
Lunch (winter): 13:00 h - 15:00 h Dinner (summer):2º turn 20:30 h - 22:00 h
Lunch (winter): 18:00 h - 21:00 h


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