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Quality Assurance and Environmental Policy

The management of HOTELES DUNAS is firmly committed to meeting the demands of its guests by making them feel at home while not forgetting to safeguard the natural resources at its disposal and to minimize the environmental impact caused by its operations of accommodation, restaurant catering and event management.

This is why HOTELES DUNAS operates according to an Integrated Environmental and Quality Assurance System, subject to international standardsá ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, periodically reviewing all activities, products and services that could affect the environment or the satisfaction of our guests.

The basic principles of HOTELES DUNAS code of conduct are:

  • TO KNOW AND SATISFY our guests, meeting their needs, desires and responding to their suggestions in order to make them feel completely at home.
  • TO EVALUATE the activities, products and services and assess their repercussions on the guest and on the environment, to identify all significant impacts.
  • TO ADOPT the necessary measures to minimize emissions and generation of waste, and to conserve natural resources with a firm commitment to continuous improvement, the incorporation of clean technologies and efficient management.
  • TO VERIFY compliance with our Policy, Objectives and Targets and the effectiveness of all measures taken to implement and achieve them. To improve constantly each day all processes and services is a basic premise of HOTELES DUNAS.
  • TO COMPLY with all applicable laws, codes and regulations and to fulfil all commitments that HOTELES DUNAS enters into.
  • TO FOSTER a sense of responsibility with regard to the environment and to continuous improvement among all staff, suppliers and customers, starting from the development of training, communication and awareness-raising. Together we will achieve our objectives.
  • TO PLACE at the disposal of our staff and customers all necessary information to understand the repercussions of our activities on the environment.

And to ensure that these principles are fulfilled, this Management hereby undertakes to allocate all resources that it possibly can.

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