Travelife Sustainability in Tourism certification

July 11, 2017, 11:50 a.m.

At Dunas Hotels & Resorts we are about to conduct the Travelife Sustainability in Tourism certification audit for our hotel Dunas Mirador Maspalomas. During this past year we have been working in order to adapt our practices to the standards demanded by the Brand. These standards imply respect for people, nature and cultural aspects of the places where they operate and showing our clients how to act in accordance to protect tourist areas.

Tour Operators and Tourism Companies have the responsibility and commitment to work with a certification that demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and Travelife is an international sustainability certification system that helps 1,300 hotel members worldwide improving environmental, social and economic impacts.

If we want to maintain and preserve destinations around the world and safeguard the people who live there, it is necessary to maintain the balance between the following three aspects:

Protecting the physical environment: ensuring that natural resources, including land, water and air, are not harmed, helping to preserve natural heritage and biodiversity. Reducing electricity consumption, saving water, waste, recycling, purchasing locally, etc. improves the economy and minimizes the environmental footprint.

Guaranteeing the social welfare of the local population, preserving the authenticity and cultural heritage, values and traditions of the destination itself. Ensuring employee’s care improves customer satisfaction, motivation, and staff performance. Customers can perceive it and so reviews improve.

Ensuring a long-term economic balance: Providing local people with stable jobs and opportunities and maintaining profits and investments from the money tourists spend in the local economy. Providing information to the client about specific places and how to protect them (protected landscape), offering local activities (cultural, sports, commercial), including local fresh products in the gastronomic offer, promotes and protects the peculiarities of each area.

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