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StartNewsOn May 30th we celebrate the Day of the Canary Islands

On May 30th we celebrate the Day of the Canary Islands

26 Apr 2018

The Day of the Canary Islands is celebrated throughout the islands of the archipelago on May 30th. It is a day to celebrate the traditions, the authenticity of the locals and our history.

History of the Canary Islands’ Day

The Day of the Canary Islands is celebrated on May 30th because back on 1983, the Parliament of the Canary Islands held its very first session and the territory became Autonomous Community. The Canary Islands have two capitals: Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Since then, every year on May 30th we celebrate unity and the pride of being who we are. It is also a way for us to show that we are who we are thanks to our history. All around the islands we have much to celebrate, that's why, for us, the Canary Island’s Day is a great day of celebration. We like to celebrate, and we celebrate with our love ones and all those who’d like to join a festival which will show you who we are and what we have.

The celebration of the Canary Islands Day

In Gran Canaria the Canary Islands’ Day celebrations start the weekend before May 30th, so we can enjoy more events in every corner of the island, not just in one place.

These days, on the Day of the Canary Islands there are many events to go to: Parrandas, pilgrimages, exhibitions, children's activities ... But the really important events are those that are celebrated with family and friends. Home gatherings, hiking, going for walks or just enjoying a day at the beach and a good meal.

Canaries are known for their kindness, they are very hospitable people, and they dearly appreciate what they have in their islands, in this case, Gran Canaria. But they are also known by their way of life, their happy spirit and love to show visitors what they are, and why.

The Canary Islands’ Day show many facets of those who were born here. Traditions, history, and culture are celebrated, because these aspects are what differentiate Canaries from the rest and, also, those that make us unique.

Our future is always built upholding our history, traditions and everything we already are. We do not want to lose our essence and that is why we like to celebrate the Canary Islands’ Day.

In Dunas Hotels & Resorts we are very proud to be from Gran Canaria and we show it in our day to day, and, also, in some of the activities that we prepare in our hotels.

That's why, Dunas Hotels & Resorts joins the celebration every year and we love to spend the Canary Islands’ Day with our guests. We’d like to show you our island, our history and, also, our great customs.

In Dunas Hotels & Resorts, the Canary Islands’ Day is a family day of celebration, so our hotels organize some activities for you to enjoy this day together. If you are going to be with us on this day, don’t miss signing up for the celebration of the Canary Islands’ Day at Dunas Hotels & Resorts