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StartNews2018 Carnival in Gran Canaria

2018 Carnival in Gran Canaria

10 Jan 2018

A few days before February, the machinery of the 2018 Carnival on the island of Gran Canaria is already at its peak, there is very little time left to shout at the top of the lungs "Long live the carnival!" The festival where everything is possible, especially when our carnival is considered one of the best in the world, after Brazil and Venice.

Holiday’ time? So, time to live this 2018 Carnival! It is a unique opportunity in life. A show for the senses and a date with history. Didn’t you know? Go on, we are about to tell you.

Some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss the 2018 Carnival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

There are no excuses. This is one of the best plans for a winter vacation. As we say, it's the date when one of the best and historic carnivals in the world is celebrated. This great colourful event dates back to 1574, when there is evidence of the first dance of the masks.

Once upon a time there was a wedding dance… This is exactly the origin of today’s explosion of fun, culture, colours and this unique show.
Once you see it and engage in it, you will understand why so many visit the island each year matching up their holidays with the annual carnival of Gran Canaria. An authentic explosion of music, colour, fun and joy that permeates every corner of the island during the month of February.

Each year, carnivals revolve around a theme. On this occasion, the 2018 Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is about magic and fantastic creatures. Before your eyes, this year will rise the great stage that will remind you of the Harry Potter castle thereof.

This year’s carnival will start on January 26th and the party will go on until February 18th.

The Queen's Gala

This is one of the unavoidable dates of the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Pictures of the Queen’s Gala go around the world every year, offering design, colour and originality turned into pure spectacle. You will have the opportunity to be an exceptional witness of one of the most spectacular staging in the whole world.

The Great Parade

The Great Parade, is one of the main attractions for our visitors in their February holidays in Gran Canaria. You will experience how the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria takes to the streets in a show of masks, floats, dances and costumes where music and colour flood every corner of the island.

A parade that crosses the island from north to south in the purest Brazilian style. Parades, murgas, the queen, the comparsas ... everything, absolutely everything, is unique. To get to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria it will only take you 30 minutes from our hotels. If you’d like to sign up for the Great Cavalcade, the date is: February 17th, 2018.

The Drag Queen Gala

This is another of the major events in the city these days. A show in its purest state and in an incomparable setting. You can be the witness of daring moments, art, spectacle and unquestionably unique staging.

Only when you witness it you will be able to fully understand why this is one of the hallmarks of the Gran Canaria carnivals.

The burial of the sardine

Year after year, this is the annual icing on the cake. The annual finishing touch to a great week that locals as well as visitors from all over the world wait for. The burial of the sardine also goes through the city to conclude with a party of lights and pyrotechnics on the beach.

That said, do not forget that once you are immersed in this unique international 2018 Carnival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria you can discover a multitude of parades, make-up contests, children’ competitions of comparsas, comparsas contests, murgas contests, costume contests and many different galas that are included in the annual program.

The Carnival of Maspalomas 2018, another appointment.

If you cannot travel and stay at Dunas Hotels & Resorts in February, you will have a second chance during the first days of March. Our guests will be equally lucky. The date? The International Carnival of Maspalomas, which will be held from March 2nd to 11th very close to our hotels!

This year, the theme to celebrate will be a tribute to the Middle Ages. Within this setting and for ten full days, Maspalomas will be filled with troubadours and minstrels. The street decoration, the colour and the fun will make, even more attractive, one of our guests’ favourite destinations.

Enjoy our good winter weather, one more of the attractions of the Maspalomas Carnival!

Anyhow, whether you come to Gran Canaria to enjoy the February/March carnivals or any other time of year, the sun will always be shining for you. Can there be a more irresistible plan and destination for your winter holidays?

One of the most popular carnivals in the world, spring weather all-year-round, natural wonders and the possibility of practicing many sports such as surfing or golf, in the middle of winter, makes this destination a favourite one. As you see, it's no coincidence.

If you still haven’t closed your suitcase, do not forget to pack a costume! Once you get carried away by the carnival spirit that will permeate the island during the next months, you’ll be very happy you brought it. Get ready to fiesta and get ready to rest too!

Whether you have already been part of this festival or it is the first time you dare to, the 2018 Carnival of Gran Canaria, staying at the Dunas Hotels & Resorts you’ll have many extra activities to enjoy. Make Dunas Hotels & Resorts your accommodation during your stay on the island, because it is exactly where everything and anything is possible.