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Enero 2013
Más de 200.000 reproducciones de los vídeos
en nuestros canales de You Tube

Thanks to the agreement between the Dunas Group and the French tour operator Look Voyage from July on there will be a nonstop flight from Paris to the airport of Gando in Gran Canaria every week. This connection will allow the French tourists to reach the island in 4 hours without wasting time with stopovers. The flight will be available every Tuesday starting on 9th of July and arranged by the Dutch company Transavia. Currently there are no nonstop connections between France and the island.


The aim of this agreement is to increase the French tourism on our island, especially the family tourism, and to let the tourists be acquainted with the charm of Gran Canaria avoiding stopovers in other European or Spanish towns. Currently there are no nonstop connections between France and the island.


Dunas Maspalomas Resort is the hotel chosen by the tour operator for its Club Lookéa due to the beautiful garden, the horizontal structure and the bungalows that will be completely renovated before July.


This hotel recently welcomed a group of journalists sent by the tour operator to promote Gran Canaria in the French media.


The tour operator Look Voyages, founded nearly 20 years ago, is one of the most important French tour operators and part of the international group Transat AT.

In the Dunas Group “we are proud to have been chosen as partner and to contribute to increase the popularity of Gran Canary on the French market” declared the Sales and Marketing Manager Valeria Valerii.


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